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Tazret® Gel 15gm (0.5%)

(7 customer reviews)


Ingredients: Tazarotene,benzyl alcohol IP in aqueous gel base q.s.

Product Features:

  • Itis applied topically to treat a variety of dermatological symptoms, including ichthyosis, psoriasis, acne, scars, and photoaging (sun-damaged skin).
  • It lowers inflammation and oiliness; suppresses the pathogenic cell compound that causes acne.
  • It functions as a peeling by reducing skin cell ageing and exfoliating inflammatory areas of the skin.
  • It enhances the appearance and texture of the skin, reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles
Pack sizes: 20gm
Manufacturer: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Product Expiry/ Shelf life: 24 months when unopened
Ready to dispatch in 24 business hours.
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Guaranteed Premium Quality
Authentic Products
* Free express shipping on all orders above cart value of USD 100.
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Step into the world of advanced skincare with Tazret Gel®, a revolutionary tazarotene gel that redefines your skincare routine. In this 15-gram tube, the power of tazarotene is harnessed at a 0.05% concentration, offering a potent solution for various skin concerns. Say goodbye to ordinary skincare and welcome Tazret Gel® as your partner in achieving a radiant and healthy complexion.

Tazret Gel® isn’t just a skincare product; it’s a commitment to excellence. The active 0.05% tazarotene concentration sets it apart, making every application a deliberate step towards transformative results. Whether you’re dealing with acne, fine lines, or uneven skin tone, Tazret Gel® is designed to address a spectrum of skincare needs.

As we explore the intricacies of this tazarotene 0.1 gel alternative, get ready to unlock the secrets to radiant skin. Tazret Gel® is not just a gel; it’s a journey toward a complexion that reflects your best version.

Optimal Potency: Unpacking the 0.05% Tazarotene Concentration

Tazret Gel® is not just another skincare product – it’s a commitment to optimal potency. The 0.05% concentration of tazarotene ensures that each application is a purposeful step toward transformative results. This concentration strikes a balance, offering effectiveness without the intensity of a tazarotene 0.1 gel, making it suitable for a diverse range of skincare needs.

Versatility in Action: Tazret Gel® as Your Skincare Ally

Whether you’re dealing with acne, fine lines, or uneven skin tone, Tazret Gel® is your versatile skincare ally. This tazarotene gel addresses a spectrum of concerns, showcasing its adaptability in different skincare routines. It’s not just about addressing one issue; it’s about embracing a holistic approach to achieve overall skin health.

The Journey to Radiance: Tazret Gel® vs. Tazarotene 0.1 Gel Alternatives

As we navigate the landscape of tazarotene gels, Tazret Gel® emerges as a distinctive alternative to the more intense tazarotene 0.1 gel. It proves that you can achieve transformative results without the need for higher concentrations. This choice offers a milder yet effective option for those seeking a gentler skincare approach while still harnessing tazarotene’s power.

A Seamless Addition to Your Routine: Tazret Gel® in Action

Incorporating Tazret Gel® into your daily routine is a seamless experience. The 15gm tube ensures that this powerful tazarotene gel is at your fingertips, ready to become a staple in your skincare regimen. Whether you’re a skincare enthusiast with an elaborate routine or someone who prefers simplicity, Tazret Gel® effortlessly fits into any regimen, making it an accessible and user-friendly choice.

More Than a Gel: Tazret Gel® as a Transformative Experience

Beyond being a skincare product, Tazret Gel® is a transformative journey. It represents a commitment to your skin’s well-being, promising a radiant and healthy complexion. With every application, you’re not just applying a gel; you’re actively participating in the process of unveiling the best version of your skin. It’s about more than just addressing concerns; it’s about embracing a skincare experience that prioritizes excellence.

Tazarotene's Magic: How Tazret Gel® Works

Tazarotene, the magic ingredient in Tazret Gel®, belongs to the retinoid family and is renowned for its ability to stimulate skin renewal. It works by promoting the shedding of old, damaged skin cells, allowing newer, healthier cells to surface. This process addresses acne concerns and contributes to a smoother complexion and diminished fine lines. Tazret Gel® harnesses the magic of tazarotene, offering you a skincare solution that goes beyond the surface.

Tazret Gel® and Your Unique Skincare Journey

Your skincare journey is unique, and Tazret Gel® acknowledges and celebrates that individuality. Whether you want to combat specific issues or simply enhance your skin’s vibrancy, this tazarotene gel accommodates your needs. It’s a product that understands the nuances of diverse skincare goals, providing a versatile and inclusive solution for individuals on different points of their skincare journey.

Tazret Gel® stands out as a testament to innovation and effectiveness in the dynamic skincare world. The 0.05% tazarotene concentration, versatility, and transformative potential position it as a go-to choice for those seeking a skincare ally that delivers results. Say goodbye to ordinary skincare and embrace the extraordinary with Tazret Gel® – because your skin deserves nothing less.

Customer Reviews on Reddit

I've been using Tazarotene Gel for a month, and the results are incredible! My skin feels smoother, and my acne scars are visibly fading. Minimal irritation, and it absorbs quickly. It's definitely a game-changer in my skincare routine. Highly recommend!
Tried Tazarotene Gel for my persistent acne, and it's been a game-changer! Noticed a significant reduction in breakouts, and my skin texture is smoother. There was mild irritation initially, but it subsided. So glad I found this gem! Clear skin, here I come!

User Feedback Of Tazret Gel

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2.What is Tazret Gel used for?

3. Are there any side effects of using Tazret Gel?

4. Does Tazret Gel really work to treat acne?

Success Stories

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Note: We're not doctors. Tretinoin is a prescribed topical retinoid used for acne and anti-aging. Please do consult a doctor before you decide to use on your own as the effect varies from person to person and their can be other side effects.

FAQs: General topics

Tazret Gel®’s 0.05% Tazarotene promotes skin renewal, reducing acne and fine lines. It effectively enhances overall skin texture and tone, providing a rejuvenated complexion.
Tazret Gel® may cause irritation, especially in sensitive skin. Start with a lower frequency and gradually increase as your skin adjusts.
Results vary, but visible acne and skin texture improvements may be noticed within a few weeks of consistent use. Full benefits often appear after several months.


Our exploration of Tazret Gel®, it’s clear that this tazarotene gel is not just a skincare product; it’s a transformative experience. Packed into a 15-gram tube with a 0.05% tazarotene concentration, it becomes a powerful ally in your journey toward radiant skin.

Tazret Gel® stands as a testament to the commitment to excellence in skincare. The optimal tazarotene concentration ensures that each application is a purposeful step toward addressing many skin concerns. It’s more than just a gel; it’s a solution for acne, fine lines, and uneven skin tone, offering a holistic approach to achieving a healthy complexion.

As you embrace Tazret Gel® in your routine, you’re not just incorporating a skincare product; you’re choosing a transformative journey. This alternative to tazarotene 0.1 gel proves that you don’t need to compromise on efficacy for a milder concentration. 


We do not advise our readers when it comes to choosing skin treatments. Rather, we only produce product information. People who need specialized advice should see their medical doctors.



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7 reviews for Tazret® Gel 15gm (0.5%)

  1. Irma ThomasVerified Review

    Great communication when I have made a mistake. The staff is very professional & experienced, thank you so much, SKINORAC

  2. Harry BlaxcellVerified Review

    Just wouldn’t use anything else reasonable price responsibly sourced and smells divine
    My skin glows using skinorac Products.

  3. Eliza WardellVerified Review

    I used to worry about my dark spot & Acne Skin so much. Searched a lot of cream & gel but couldn’t find the right one. After using Tazret gel i got a commendable change in my space. Amazing product must say.

  4. LaraVerified Review

    . Excellent service, throughout your order to delivery you are kept apprised of your order. this company staff is very professional.

  5. Veyed K RichardVerified Review

    I got my order before the scheduled delivery date due to express shipping service, that’s why I am happy to order and will keep ordering. Thanks

  6. GloriaVerified Review

    You will owe me a commission soon (just kidding) – I have passed on your site and you are already receiving more orders. And I gave your info out again tonight!

  7. DebraVerified Review

    Great prices! Easy checkout. Faster than expected shipping!

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