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Persol® Forte Cream 30gm (5%, 2.5%)

(17 customer reviews)


Persol Forte Cream is a grease-free acne treatment with benzoyl peroxide and sulphur. Acne is treated with benzoyl peroxide in three ways: it kills germs, peels away dead skin cells, and dries excess skin oil.
Active Ingredients: Benzoyl Peroxide & Sulphur

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The Persol Forte cream is also known as the Benzoyl Peroxide wash 5. You can use this cream to treat the pimples on your skin. It offers the Benzoyl Peroxide wash 5, that can help to keep the skin rejuvenated.

Does the presence of pimples have any psychological impact on me?

If you have pimples, you need the Persol Forte cream as a solution to eliminate them. Pimples are chronic skin problems that can cause you great psychological problems. This is because they tend to affect your general physical appearance. This is why it is important to address this problem by using the Benzoyl peroxide wash 10. People who have simply restored their skin condition by using the Persol Forte cream easily get back their confidence.

What is Persol Forte cream?

The Persol Forte cream is a cream that can help you clear out all embarrassing and pesky pimples from your skin. Persol Forte cream comes with Benzoyl peroxide wash 5as its main ingredient. With the Benzoyl peroxide wash 5, you can easily get rid of bacteria that cause acne on your skin. This skin solution also stops skin inflammation.

What is Benzoyl Peroxide?

You can get the Benzoyl Peroxide Wash 10 on the market. It is used to treat pimples with a high rate of success. When you use Benzoyl Peroxide wash 10, it works to chase out the bacteria that cause acne. This means that your skin will be free from this bacteria. In addition, the Benzoyl Peroxide wash 10 also removes excess dead skin cells and oil from your skin pores.

How do I buy the Persol Forte cream?

You can buy the Persol Forte cream in so many forms. In the market, you can find this product as the Benzoyl peroxide wash 5. You can choose the Benzoyl Peroxide 5 from different forms and strengths that are available. You can choose to buy the Persol Forte cream in the form of a wash, a lotion, a gel, or a cream. You can buy the Persol Forte cream in various available strengths, that range from 2.5% to 10%.

How you can use the Persol Forte cream for the best results

There is a best routine when it comes to getting great results with your Persol Forte cream. This is how to use this cream:

  1. First begin by using the cream in low concentration: When you start using the Persol Forte cream, you should start with a lower strength (which could be either 2.5% or 5%). You should do this to help minimize the irritation.
  2. Wash your skin: Whenever you need to make use of this product, you should wash the area where you will be applying it. You can do this by using a mild cleaner. This is before you use the Benzoyl peroxide 10.
  3. Apply the cream in thin layers: When using the Persol Forte cream, you should do so in small amounts. Use this cream either once or two times every day. It should be applied in thin layers on the affected part of the skin.
  4. Sun protection is a must: If you use the Benzoyl peroxide 10, you need reliable sun protection. Every day that you use this cream, you should get sunscreen to help shield the skin against sunlight.
  5. Be patient when using this product: Whenever you are using the Persol Forte cream, you may need to be patient before you get noticeable improvements.

After using this cream, you should see your doctor:

  • If severe irritation occurs.
  • If there’s an allergic reaction (rash, itching, swelling).
  • If after using the cream regularly for several weeks, you see no improvement.

FAQs about the Persol Forte cream

What is Persol Forte cream used for?

Persol Forte cream is primarily used to treat acne. It contains active ingredients, often including Benzoyl peroxide 5, which helps reduce acne-causing bacteria and inflammation on the skin.

How does Persol Forte cream work?

The active ingredients in Persol Forte, like Benzoyl peroxide 5, work by reducing the growth of acne-causing bacteria and by exfoliating dead skin cells, unclogging pores, and reducing inflammation, thereby helping to clear acne.

How should I apply Persol Forte cream?

Before you get to use this cream, you will need to wash that part of the skin where you will be using it. Then dry out the area before you apply the Persol Forte cream. You should get the cream and apply it either once or two times every day.

Are there any potential side effects of using Persol Forte cream?

Yes, you can expect some side effects with this cream. These usually lessen as the skin gets used to the medication.

Reddit Customer Reviews about the Cream

Because many people trust and use the Persol Forte Cream, there are several reviews on Reddit about the product. These are:

  1. “Persol Forte cream worked wonders for my acne. Some weeks elapsed and I noticed that my breakouts had reduced a lot. Since I was using the cream consistently, this helped improve the dryness of my skin. Highly recommended!” – James Blake (United Kingdom)

2). “After trying several products, Persol Forte became my go-to for acne. It tackled both pimples and blackheads effectively. The only downside was it bleached some of my towels, so be careful with fabrics.” – Sophia Caldentey (Madrid).

3). “I started using Persol Forte cream on the advice of my dermatologist. It did cause some initial redness and dryness, but as my skin adjusted, it significantly reduced my acne. It’s become a staple in my skincare routine.” – Samantha Cooney-Cross (Australia)


Benzoyl peroxide 5 stands out if you want to say goodbye to your pimples. If you have acne use this cream, you should start with one with a lower strength. You will get the desired results if the cream is applied in the right way.

Disclaimer: We do not advise our readers when it comes to choosing skin treatments. Rather, we only produce product information. People who need specialized advice should see their medical doctors.





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17 reviews for Persol® Forte Cream 30gm (5%, 2.5%)

  1. Samaria HouckVerified Review

    It has been easy to order and get it fulfilled in a timely manner. Have used this for a long time and certainly recommend it.

  2. June DensonVerified Review

    Excellent stuff, excellent prices, and extremely convenient! This company has a tremendous admirer in me! Thanks a lot, Skinorac.

  3. CrispVerified Review

    I have ordered twice and had great results. I will be ordering again. Really Very Amazing Cream and Positive Result. Thanks, Skinorac.

  4. RobertVerified Review

    My go to retailer for skincare items is Skinorac. I unintentionally paid them twice, but I didn’t realize it until they swiftly let me know and provided me twice as much things as I had initially ordered.

  5. Lola JarvisVerified Review

    The item is fantastic and of excellent quality. I am happy with the quick shipping service and will keep ordering because I received my item before the anticipated delivery date. I appreciate it, Skinorac.

  6. Evie HiggsVerified Review

    Amazing and high quality stuff. I am glad to have ordered and will continue to order because I received my order ahead of the scheduled delivery date thanks to the rapid shipping service. Many thanks, Skinorac.

  7. HattieVerified Review

    I’ve been using Skinorac for nearly three years. I have never experienced any issues or difficulties. I appreciate your excellent service.

  8. Archer PalingVerified Review

    I’m grateful that Ivermectin was available when it was most required. I’ve already suggested it to a few family members and friends. I’ll be back soon.

  9. StevenVerified Review

    Best customer support available. I’ve been a consistent customer for well over 3 years and I still do. The cost and quality are unbeatable. this service joined very bee happy.

  10. Sarah MoultonVerified Review

    The items all arrived. Delay on one item but opted to wait for them all to come together to save on their postage. Thank you so much, Skinorac.

  11. Sylvia YoungVerified Review

    Very happy with my first purchases from Skinorac. I am so grateful for this product!
    Thanks a lot

  12. David C. MoenVerified Review

    This product has made my skin better than before. Easy to use, thank you Skinorac.

  13. KevinVerified Review

    Easy and straightforward, kept me up to date on delivery. And the free gift is a nice surprise. I’ve used the product before and find them really good. Thanks

  14. Molly ElliottVerified Review

    I have been duped before by couple of online pharmacies but skinorac always comes through. Delivery in Miami takes about week and a half. Great service

  15. Katie LoaderVerified Review

    The product is great for my needs. Very Affordable price and fast results this cream. Thanks a lot, my good friend for me provide this site.

  16. LoganVerified Review

    I order several drugs online and got great service.

  17. StevenVerified Review

    I used to get the name brand product, but this one is half the price and works the same.

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