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Trebor Cream 20gm (0.025%)

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Trebor 0.05% Cream is a form of vitamin A that is used to treat acne which appears as spots or pimples on your face, chest, or back. It also helps to smooth rough facial skin and to reduce fine wrinkles on the skin.

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For a long time, people with skin blemishes like acne, spots, and other rough patches didn’t have access to reliable skincare solutions. However, the availability of the Trebor cream in the market now means that they can finally solve their skin problems. If you have any skin problem like pimples, you can now buy Trebor cream to get rid of this problem. So, many people rely on this solution to get the results they need.

What is the Trebor cream?

Trebor cream is a very popular medication for treating acne and all other skin problems. The product works when applied on the face, chest, or back to treat different skin conditions. When you buy Trebor cream for acne, it will help clear out the skin’s pores and prevent any further appearance of pimples and spots.

The solution can also be used to smoothen out rough parts of the facial skin. Also, you can buy the Trebor cream if you want to reduce the amount of fine wrinkles present on your skin. The Trebor cream as a skincare solution is only available in a 0.05% dosage as a 20-gram paste.

How does the Trebor cream 0.05% work?

The Trebor 0.05% cream works by reducing the excess amount of oil that the skin produces. In order to use this product, you will need to get a note from your doctor. During application, ensure that you apply as little as possible. Go ahead and place it in the affected area – which should be done at night. The quantity used with the Trebor cream usually depends on the skin condition being treated.  It is important that you wash the area of the skin properly before using this cream. And also, ensure that you apply this cream in thin layers.

How to apply the Trebor cream 0.05%

It is important to follow the right recommendations when applying the Trebor cream 0.05%. It is important that you follow the recommended way of using this cream. If you buy Trebor 0.05% cream, you should avoid applying the skincare solution to any open injuries in the body. You can easily use this cream. When you buy the product, you should check it for directions for use. Be sure to follow all the instrucrions provided with the product in order to get the best results.

How long until you get results with Trebor cream 

Once you buy Trebor cream and apply it, it could take some time before you begin to feel its effects. It can several weeks before you can start feeling the effects of the skin formulation. For people that want the best results with this cream, they should use it very often. If after using this way, you still do not get the results that you want, you should consult your doctor. You mustn’t apply more cream to the affected skin areas. This will not make the solution work fast other than you stand the risk of increasing its side effects. If you buy Trebor 0.05% cream and use it every day, you are certain to get optimal results.

Some common side effects of Trebor cream 

Before you buy Trebor 0.05% cream, you should know that it comes with its associated side effects. This is a very common feature of the Tretinoin cream 20gm. There are numerous side effects of the Trebor cream. However, these are the most common side effects:

  • Erythema
  • Pale Red skin
  • Dry skin
  • Skin irritation
  • Increased skin sensitivity

Reddit Customer Reviews

Trebor cream is known as a highly effective skincare solution with so many satisfied users. The following testimonials were obtained from Reddit from happy customers who got the desired results. They are:

“My friend introduced me to buy Trebor cream (Tretinoin 0.05%) recently for my acne-prone skin. I applied the skincare solution in the affected areas. However, I discovered that this product also works to reduce all other blemishes on my skin. I certainly recommend the product to any potential user with various skin conditions.”

Maria Ariel Martinez, USA

“I found the Trebor cream online and purchased it. After that first purchase, I have been hooked on the medication ever since. It can be used to improve skin prone to various skin conditions. I am so happy I used it when I did.”

Tommy Wagner, Germany.


Can pregnant women use the Trebor cream?

Before any pregnant woman uses the Trebor cream, they will need to inform their doctor. Also, women looking to get pregnant in the future should do this too.

Does the Trebor cream produce mild or intense symptoms?

The Trebor cream is known for producing relatively mild symptoms. Then again, the symptoms can drag in for so long or become worse, therefore you should immediately consult your doctor.

Does the cream interfere with any other treatments?

Clinical tests have shown that this cream interferes with certain conditions. If you have eczema, you should not use the cream. In addition, people should stay away from any laser or wax treatments when using the cream. Also, if you have psoriasis, it is not recommended that you use it.

Does Trebor cream interfere with alcohol?

There are no known cases of Trebor cream interacting with alcohol. Also, the medication should not be taken along with alcohol since the substance may end up delaying the reaction of the cream to infection.


You can rely on the Trebor cream as a reliable solution for any skin issues that you may have. This is because it has tretinoin as its core ingredient. This cream can help you treat different types of skin problems that are common among people from India, USA, UK, and Pakistan. You can buy Trebor cream online from reliable and trustworthy vendors.


In as much as we try to provide our readers with accurate information, they should not be taken in place of actual medical advice. In the case of you suffering from any problems due to using this product, we will not accept any responsibility for such issues.





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1 review for Trebor Cream 20gm (0.025%)

  1. Sydney JonesVerified Review

    After receiving this from overseas I could not believe that I actually got this product for such low prices. And because of that, I have sent the link to this website and product to all of my contacts. I was so genuinely happy with the product and the quick service that was provided by Skinorac.

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