Skinorac Review Guidelines

At Skinorac, we value your feedback and contributions to our community. Reviews are a vital part of our platform, enabling users to make informed decisions and fostering a transparent environment. To ensure the authenticity, helpfulness, and integrity of reviews, we’ve established guidelines for all submissions:
Be Honest and Genuine

Share your authentic experience with the product or service.

Provide balanced feedback, including both positives and negatives.

Be Specific and Detailed

Describe the product’s effects on your skin type, concerns, or preferences.

Include specific details such as texture, scent, application, and results.

Avoid Inappropriate Content

Refrain from using offensive language, profanity, or discriminatory remarks.

Do not include personal information or irrelevant content.

Originality Matters

Submit original reviews based on your personal experience.

Avoid duplicating content or submitting reviews for compensation.

Respectful and Constructive

Maintain a respectful tone towards others’ opinions or experiences.

Offer constructive criticism that can benefit both the brand and potential users.

Non-Promotional Reviews

Reviews should not include promotional material, external links, or solicitations.

Focus on sharing genuine experiences rather than advertising.

Transparency is Key

Disclose any affiliations or relationships with the brand or its competitors.

Be transparent about any free or discounted products received.

Relevant and Timely Reviews

Submit reviews based on recent experiences to provide relevant information.

Avoid outdated information or experiences that no longer reflect the product’s current state.

Community Guidelines Adherence

Follow Skinorac’s community guidelines and terms of service while submitting reviews.

Ensure your review complies with our policies for a positive community experience.

Review Moderation

Reviews undergo moderation to maintain quality and adhere to guidelines.

Skinorac reserves the right to remove reviews that violate these guidelines.

By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to a thriving community where authentic experiences and insights empower others in their skincare journey. Thank you for being an essential part of the Skinorac community!

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