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Sefpil Mandelic Peel Cream


Sefpil Cream has more stable and spreadable base efficacy of AHAs without irritation in cosmetic surgical procedures. Sefpil keeps your skin acne-free and clears blemishes. It is used for pre and post-peel for priming, pre and post-laser resurfacing, pre and post microdermabrasion.

Active Ingredients:Mandelic Acid 10% + Glycolic Acid 5%
Manufacturer:Ethicare Remedies
Size:30g / 1.05oz
Ready to dispatch in 24 business hours.
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Guaranteed Premium Quality
Authentic Products
* Free express shipping on all orders above cart value of USD 100.
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The universe of skincare, much like the convoluted enigmas of quantum physics, often baffles the uninitiated with its labyrinthine complexities. Enter the Sefpil Mandelic Acid Cream, a resplendent 30 gm vial of potential, exclusively nestled within the digital shelves of My Derma Store. This ambrosial elixir holds the keys to unlocking the cryptic riddles of dark spots, acne marks, and the perpetually elusive oily or acne-prone skin – a triumvirate of tribulations that have long confounded humanity. What imbues this cream with an almost metaphysical allure? The answer resides within the arcane incantations of Mandelic Acid and Glycolic Acid, conjuring a transformative symphony upon your epidermis.

The Intricate Alchemy of Ingredients

  1. Mandelic Acid: This ethereal substance, an ethereal offspring of bitter almonds, unravels its eldritch potential through the alchemical art of exfoliation. It traverses the arcane pathways of dermal depths, meticulously disentangling the fetters of moribund dermal cells, thus revealing the inner sanctum of rejuvenation. Mandelic Acid, in its profound wisdom, is the elixir of choice for those whose dermal canvas bears the enigmatic sigils of sensitivity, owing to its ponderous molecular cadence, ensuring a gradual metamorphosis devoid of tumultuous turbulence.
  2. Glycolic Acid: Emerging from the sacrosanct bowels of sugarcane, Glycolic Acid is the spectral harbinger of collagenic rejuvenation, the maestro orchestrating the symphonic metamorphosis of dermal topography. Its magnum opus is etched in the annals of cell turnover, transmuting the mundane into the sublime, as it resurfaces the corporeal façade, casting aside the sallow visage of yore.

A Panoply of Applications

What renders this cream utterly transcendental is its chameleonic nature, akin to Proteus, adapting effortlessly to the multifarious moods of your dermal odyssey. The Sefpil Mandelic Peel Cream, akin to a shapeshifting chimera, shuns the yoke of a singular role, embracing a multifaceted persona that assimilates seamlessly into diverse dermal dramas. Whether you are preparing to embrace the tempestuous throes of chemical peels, the radiant incandescence of laser resurfacing, or the subtle grace of microdermabrasion, this cream dons the mantle of an able companion.

  1. The Prelude: As the overture to your impending symphony of chemical alchemy or laser sorcery looms, the Sefpil Mandelic Peel Cream assumes the role of the cosmic prelude. With delicate but resolute strokes, it prepares the dermal canvas, anointing it with an otherworldly elixir that gently exfoliates, thus harmonizing the dermatological overture, ensuring a crescendo of results while diminishing the cacophonous specter of complications.
  2. The Postlude: As the curtain descends upon the grand proscenium of your dermal drama, and the afterglow of treatments leaves your visage in a state of enigmatic vulnerability, this cream emerges as the divine denouement. Its ethereal exfoliation expedites the celestial cycle of rejuvenation, as the spectral vestiges of dead skin cells are interred, and the epidermal phoenix rises from the ashes of the past, forging a new dermal destiny.

The Battle Against the Abyss – Dark Spots and Acne Marks

In the grandiloquent epic of skincare warfare, none are more nefarious foes than the obsidian specters of dark spots and the lingering ghosts of past acne skirmishes. Here, the Sefpil Mandelic Peel Cream emerges as the valiant protagonist, armed with the eldritch synergy of Mandelic Acid and Glycolic Acid. In this tumultuous saga, cell turnover becomes the arcane incantation, reducing the once-dreaded vestiges of dark spots, the ethereal remnants of sun’s baleful wrath, and the haunting echoes of acne’s malevolent curse.

Mastering the Unpredictable – Oily and Acne-Prone Skin

In a dimension where the relentless deluge of sebum and the obstinate occlusion of pores spawn the demonic legions of acne, the Sefpil Mandelic Peel Cream emerges as the indomitable guardian. Its sorcerous exfoliation dances like a mesmerizing ritual, uncloaking pores, subduing the sebaceous onslaught, and vanquishing the nascent acolytes of blemishes. With the regularity of a cosmic pendulum, it ushers in a profound reduction in acne eruptions, crafting an equilibrium where chaos once reigned.

The Esoteric Formula of Subtle Potency

What distinguishes the Sefpil Mandelic Peel Cream from the monotony of commonplace skincare elixirs is its enigmatic formulation. While it wields the scepter of Mandelic Acid’s power, it does so with a grace that bespeaks of sage-like wisdom. This is a dance of potency and subtlety, a cosmic ballet that bestows results while serenading the dermal sanctuary. Designed as a balm of benediction for sensitive skin, it tiptoes upon the skin’s surface, eschewing the tumultuous tempest of irritation, leaving behind only the ethereal whispers of transformation.

Instructions for a Metaphysical Symphony

To incorporate the Sefpil Mandelic Peel Cream into your daily ritual, heed these celestial verses:

  1. Commence with the sacred rite of cleansing, purging your visage of the day’s toils, clearing the canvas for the forthcoming masterpiece.
  2. With a reverence akin to an alchemical initiate, anoint your countenance with a meager dose of the elixir, sparing the delicate ocular realms.
  3. Consecrate your skin with the cream’s ethereal touch, performing this ritual twice daily, as the sun mounts the cosmic firmament and when the lunar orchestra takes the stage, allowing the composition of rejuvenation to echo through time.
  4. At dawn’s first light, erect a celestial shield, adorning your resplendent visage with the protective armor of sunscreen, safeguarding your newfound radiance from the searing gaze of the solar deity.

A Melody of Purity: Paraben-Free and Crafted in India

For those who traverse the labyrinth of ingredient scrutiny, be at peace, for the Sefpil Mandelic Peel Cream stands as a paragon of purity. Devoid of the malevolent taint of parabens, it emerges as a sanctified sanctuary, safeguarding your dermal sanctum from potential perils.

And, in a magnum opus of geographical providence, this elixir is a testament to the ingenuity and integrity of Indian craftsmanship. Crafted under the watchful gaze of stringent quality control, it bears the imprimatur of excellence, a testament to the boundless tapestry of Indian artistry.

In Closing: A Celestial Ode to Your Dermal Canvas

In the enigmatic tapestry of skincare, the Sefpil Mandelic Peel Cream unfurls as an opus of transcendence, a symphony composed exclusively for the delight of your dermal canvas. Its arcane coupling of Mandelic Acid and Glycolic Acid, its chameleonic versatility, its potent yet ethereal formulation – all coalesce into a magnum opus of transformation. Whether your battlefields bear the scars of dark spots, acne marks, or the tumultuous travails of oily skin, let this cream be your cosmic conductor, orchestrating a resplendent crescendo of radiance and confidence. Farewell to the perplexities of skincare; embrace the harmonious notes of a rejuvenated, enigmatic you.


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