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Hydroheal AM Topical Anti-Infective Gel


Hydroheal AM Gel is amorphous hydrogel wound dressing. It is used as a skin antiseptic and disinfectant, applied on dressing of bedsore and burn.

Active Ingredients:Amorphous Hydrogel Wound Dressing + Colloidal Silver
Manufacturer:Dr.Reddy’s Labs
Size:50g / 1.76oz
Brand name:Aceso Ag, Arida, Collatyl, SilvaSorb, Silverseal, Solox
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Hydroheal AM emerges as a brilliant star in the dynamic skincare landscape, a masterpiece born from the intricate amalgamation of Propylene Glycol, Carbomer, Colloidal silver, Triethanolamine, and Silver Colloid Topical. These enigmatic elements converge, orchestrating a symphony of scientific brilliance, ultimately giving rise to a potent topical anti-infective gel. This gel can conquer many skin disorders, serving as an enduring testament to the artistry that defines modern skincare.

Propylene Glycol: The Virtuoso of Moisture Management

At the heart of Hydroheal AM’s formulation lies Propylene Glycol, a virtuoso in the delicate art of moisture management. Its hygroscopic nature transcends the ordinary, conducting an enchanting symphony that calls forth the ethereal elixir of hydration. Dryness, flakiness, and roughness yield before its moisturizing opus, crafting an unwavering fortress of skin resilience that stands sentinel against the relentless surges of adversity. As the vigilant guardian of moisture, Propylene Glycol maintains your skin as a haven of supple magnificence.

Carbomer: The Artisan of Tactile Serenity

Carbomer is the clandestine craftsman of Hydroheal AM’s formulation. It weaves its artistry not merely in function but in the very texture of the gel. It emerges as the virtuoso of viscosity enhancement, transforming the gel into a velveteen canvas that unfurls its magic upon the epidermal tapestry. With Carbomer as the maestro, Hydroheal AM transcends into an immersive, silky embrace, a tactile rhapsody that elevates both efficacy and the sensory voyage of its application.

Colloidal Silver: The Microbial Vanquisher Extraordinaire

Colloidal silver, the indomitable luminary within Hydroheal AM, assumes an awe-inspiring role as the archetypal microbial vanquisher extraordinaire. It is the sentinel against a mélange of microbial adversaries, from malevolent bacteria to cunning fungi and insidious viruses. Colloidal silver’s modus operandi involves an intricate ballet, wherein it forms an indomitable bond with the very cell walls of these antagonists, engaging in a cosmic pas de deux of DNA disruption, ultimately heralding the cessation of their nefarious growth endeavors. As the sentinel, Colloidal silver ensures your skin’s impervious citadel remains unbreached.

Triethanolamine: The Sorcerer of pH Symphony

Triethanolamine, the subtle sorcerer within Hydroheal AM, assumes the role of the pH symphony conductor. Maintaining the delicate balance of pH levels is paramount in the intricate skincare orchestration. Triethanolamine, the maestro of pH modulation, ensures the gel harmonizes seamlessly with your skin’s natural pH, allowing other ingredients to perform in sublime synchrony. In this harmonious crescendo, Triethanolamine empowers optimal efficacy and performance.

Silver Colloid Topical: The Catalyst of Skin Rebirth

Silver Colloid Topical emerges as the catalytic cornerstone propelling Hydroheal AM into the annals of advanced dermatological science. It carries an aura of mysticism, particularly in wound healing. This enigmatic ingredient orchestrates a poetic symphony of accelerated skin tissue regeneration, serving as the benevolent conductor of repair and rebirth. Within Hydroheal AM, Silver Colloid Topical redefines the narrative surrounding skin burns, ulcers, and wounds, transforming them from chapters of affliction into tales of swift renaissance.

The Rite of Application

The ritual of Hydroheal AM’s application unfolds with elegant simplicity:

  1. Commence gently ablution of the afflicted area, followed by a tender patting dry.
  2. Adorn the area with a translucent layer of Hydroheal AM, ensuring a thorough embrace of the affected region.
  3. consider enshrouding the treated terrain with a secondary dressing, such as gauze or a cotton vestment, for heightened efficacy.
  4. Post-application, bestow upon your hands the grace of purification through meticulous lustration.

Navigating the Maze of Potential Side Effects

While Hydroheal AM is a veritable haven of tolerance, it is imperative to acknowledge the possibility of encountering common side effects, such as the benign agitation of the application site – manifesting in a spectrum of redolent nuances from subtle redness to the tantalizing itch and the ephemeral burn. Such sensations demand finesse in management:

– Refrain from the seductive allure of scorching showers, for the caress of hot water may exacerbate skin’s affliction.

– Shun the siren song of scratching and rubbing, as the sylvan itch may metamorphose into a turbulent maelstrom.

– When venting into the great outdoors, shield your visage with the panache of sunscreen and protective vestments.

– Luxuriate in the balm of moisturization, as it cradles and soothes the irritated area.

Should these spectral sensations persist in their haunting reverie, the counsel of a practitioner is summoned immediately.

Conclusion: The Odyssey of Hydroheal AM Topical Anti-Infective Gel

In summation, Hydroheal AM Topical Anti-Infective Gel beckons as the embodiment of transformative potential. The symphonic confluence of Propylene Glycol, Carbomer, Colloidal silver, Triethanolamine, and Silver Colloid Topical births an elixir poised to conquer a vast spectrum of skin conditions. Embrace the alchemy of these ingredients, seek the sagacious counsel of healthcare luminaries, and ardently grasp the promise of skin reborn, radiant, and resolute. In Hydroheal AM, the enigma of science and nature commingle as a testament to the ceaseless pursuit of perfection in the ever-evolving tapestry of skincare.


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