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Moisturex Soft Cream


Moisturex Soft Cream
Eczema is a disease in which skin patches become inflamed and rough with sores which may lead to itching and bleeding. Moisturex Soft Cream contains light liquid paraffin and white soft paraffin that work by providing a layer of oil on the surface of the skin to prevent water from evaporating from the surface of the skin and helps to moisten the skin.

Active Ingredients:White Soft Paraffin + Light Liquid Paraffin
Manufacturer:Sun Pharma
Size:100g / 3.5oz
Brand name:Cetraben
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When it comes to eczema, a skin condition characterized by inflammation, perplexing skin patches, persistent sores, ceaseless itching, and even the unfortunate outcome of bleeding, the search for a reliable remedy can be overwhelming. However, in the vast array of skin care solutions, a beacon of hope shines – Moisturex Soft Cream. Formulated with a unique blend of white soft paraffin (13.2% w/w) and light liquid paraffin (10.2% w/w), Moisturex Soft Cream emerges as an enigmatic elixir, offering multifaceted relief for the intricate riddle that is eczema.

A Symphony of Ingredients:

Let us embark on a profound journey into the constituent elements of Moisturex Soft Cream, where complexity reigns supreme, and each facet plays a pivotal role in this harmonious skincare symphony:

  1. Liquid Paraffin:

Liquid paraffin, often known as mineral oil or liquid petroleum, is a mysterious substance in crude oil. Hydrocarbons, mostly straight-chain alkanes, brighten their makeup.

– This colorless, odorless elixir is used in the pharmacological, cosmetic, and culinary fields.

– Liquid paraffin is a superior emollient in cosmetics and medicines. A filmy hug on the skin makes it stand out. This transparent screen protects against moisture loss and evaporation.

Liquid paraffin, known for its softness and lack of irritation, protects sensitive and dehydrated skin from dryness, itching, and irritation by retaining moisture. Liquid paraffin becomes a laxative luminary in medicine. A lubricating touch helps feces move through the intestines and relieves constipation.

  1. White Soft Paraffin:

– White soft paraffin, an enigmatic distillation of the petroleum refining process, assumes the form of a semi-solid, a translucent gel, a substance that straddles the line between solid and liquid, akin to the whims of quicksilver.

– It is a versatile and venerable titan of skincare, a time-honored elixir with a lineage that spans centuries, finding purpose in a multitude of roles, from quenching the thirst of parched skin to guarding against the precursors of minor cuts and burns.

– White soft paraffin, in its essence, emerges as a guardian of hydration, an agent of occlusion that creates a protective diadem upon the skin’s visage. It clings, embraces, shelters, and, in doing so, thwarts the relentless exodus of moisture, the silent theft of hydration.

– A sentinel against the scourge of dehydration, it becomes a beacon of relief for those afflicted with dryness, a balm for the chapped and the withered.

– In the realm of skincare, its persona is one of humility and universal appeal. It assists various skin types, from the delicate and sensitive to the tumultuous terrain of acne-prone derma.

– Its presence graces myriad skincare products, from creams to lotions, as it imparts its protective benediction and bestows a mantle of moisture.

– It is a panacea for minor skin disorders, healing chapped lips, tending to dry cuticles, and soothing the roughened edges of elbows and heels.

Usages and Benefits, A Maze of Delights:

Now, let us navigate the intricate labyrinth of usages and the multifaceted benefits that unfurl like a mesmerizing tapestry, each thread representing a unique hue of relief:

  1. Intensive Hydration with Moisturex Soft Cream:

– Moisturex Soft Cream’s unyielding commitment to moisture retention eradicates dryness with an almost poetic fervor.

– It softly beckons the insatiable itchiness, gently coaxing it into submission and bestowing a tranquil respite that is nothing short of a revelation.

– Once arid and desolate, skin transforms into an oasis of softness and supple serenity, a testament to the cream’s remarkable efficacy.

  1. The Impenetrable Bastion of Defense with Moisturex Soft Cream:

– Visualize the robust bulwarks of a medieval fortress, firmly resisting the relentless advances of invaders. Moisturex Soft Cream mirrors this unwavering defense against external malevolence.

– The days of the skin’s futile skirmish against the ceaseless tides of water loss are relegated to the annals of history; Moisturex Soft Cream undertakes this role with indomitable resolve.

– This noble endeavor not only aids in restoring the skin but actively contributes to its recovery from the harrowing ordeal of eczema, fostering recovery with unmatched care.

  1. All Ages, All Epochs, An Oasis in Time with Moisturex Soft Cream:

– Moisturex’s versatility extends beyond the boundaries of age, from the tender skin of infants through the innocence of youth to the resilience of adulthood.

– Seamlessly integrating into quotidian skincare rituals, Moisturex Soft Cream becomes a trusted ally in the battle against eczema’s enigma, offering a lifeline to individuals across generations.

– Its efficacy, a timeless beacon in the labyrinthine voyage of eczema management, heralds the promise of comfort and relief for all.

  1. A Reduction in Flare-Ups with Moisturex Soft Cream:

– Moisturex Soft Cream transcends the boundaries of transient relief; it stands as an unwavering sentinel in the ceaseless quest to diminish the frequency and intensity of eczema’s relentless reprisals.

– As a faithful, long-term companion in the tumultuous journey of eczema management, it not only nurtures overall skin health but fortifies the skin’s resilience, transforming the battle against eczema with each application.

– The skirmish with eczema takes an astonishing turn, courtesy of the consistent application of Moisturex Soft Cream, ensuring that the triumph of comfort and relief prevails.


In conclusion, we have embarked on a profound odyssey into the very essence of Moisturex Soft Cream, unraveling its captivating intricacies and unveiling its multifaceted nature. Its composition, with soft white paraffin and light liquid paraffin, forms an unparalleled symphony that does more than just lock in moisture; it cradles, soothes, and shields. Whether it ascends to the status of a daily skincare mainstay or emerges as a trusted companion during eczema’s convoluted journey, Moisturex Soft Cream stands as a paragon of hope, ushering in healthier and more comfortable skin. Bid farewell to the anguish of eczema, and usher in the soothing relief that Moisturex Soft Cream offers, an enigma wrapped in a skincare wonder, ensuring a profound transformation in the landscape of eczema management.

For those seeking to buy Moisturex Cream, it is an investment in the well-being of their skin, a beacon of hope in the tumultuous realm of eczema management. So, embrace Moisturex Soft Cream and experience the multifaceted benefits it brings, from intensive hydration to an impenetrable defense against eczema’s challenges, it is a skincare solution for all ages and a key player in reducing flare-ups.


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