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Dewderm AD Intense Anti-Dryness Cream


The active components of DewDerm Cream are propylene glycol, urea, and lactic acid. This lotion is perfect for dry, chapped skin.

Key benefits/uses of DewDerm Cream
– Lactic acid acts as exfoliants and moisturizes the skin. It is also useful for peeling treatments
– Propylene glycol acts as moisturizer
– Urea acts as hydrophilic, natural exfoliants, provide barrier to the skin, increases skin permeability and moisturizer
– Helps to remove dead cells layer
– Hydrates the skin well
– Makes skin soft and supple

Active Ingredients:Amaranthus Extract + Oat Lipid E + Barley Beta-Glucan + Niacinamide + Aloe Vera Extract + Allantoin
Size:30g / 1.05oz
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Guaranteed Premium Quality
Authentic Products
* Free express shipping on all orders above cart value of USD 100.
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In the never-ending quest for luminous and nourished skin, the ongoing struggle against dryness and irritation remains a prevalent obstacle. Introducing Dewderm AD Intense Anti-Dryness Cream, a reliable solution for anyone aiming to overcome this skin issue.

Composition: A Symphony of Skin Elixirs

The Dewderm AD Intense Anti-Dryness Cream includes a sensibly selected combination of chemicals, each elected for its definite ability to contest dryness and rejuvenate the skin. Let us explore the intricate interaction of these fundamental elements:

  1. Ceramides: The epidermis’ natural lipids maintain the skin’s protective barrier. Ceramides construct the skin’s protective barriers to prevent moisture loss and maintain hydration in Dewderm AD.
  2. Hyaluronic Acid: Moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid tightly binds water. This creates a plump, moisturized complexion that fights time and diminishes wrinkles.
  3. Shea Butter: Shea butter from shea tree nuts is very moisturizing. Deep moisturization soothes sensitive skin. Shea butter hydrates and reduces inflammation, providing relief.
  4. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): Niacinamide, renowned for its skin-rejuvenating credentials, unfurls a tapestry of benefits. It’s a maestro in reducing redness, improving overall skin texture, and mitigating the impact of environmental adversities. Within Dewderm AD, niacinamide takes center stage in the soothing and nourishing of the skin.
  5. Glycerin: The humble glycerin, a humectant par excellence, beckons moisture from the surroundings, imprisoning it within the skin’s embrace. This ensures a sustained, drought-free existence, offering solace from dryness and bestowing a plush, supple texture.
  6. Allantoin: A soothing serenade for the skin, allantoin provides solace and tranquility. It mollifies irritation and orchestrates the healing of wounded skin, an indispensable presence in Dewderm AD’s composition.

Benefits: A Resonance of Hydration and Comfort

Dewderm AD Intense Anti-Dryness Cream unfolds an array of benefits for parched, sensitive, or vexed skin. Here’s a symphony of advantages that awaits those who embrace this cream:

  1. Deep Hydration: The union of hyaluronic acid and glycerin ensures skin’s saturation, casting aside the disquietude of dryness and constriction.
  2. Reinforcement of the Skin Barrier: Ceramides, the architects of resilience, bolster the skin’s innate rampart. They shepherd moisture and repel external adversaries like inclement weather and pollutants.
  3. Alleviation of Redness: Niacinamide, the virtuoso of calming, conducts a concerto in diminishing redness and taming inflammation. A sanctuary for the sensitive soul.
  4. Tender Comfort: Shea butter and allantoin perform a soothing ballet, their grace extinguishing the flames of irritation and offering a haven for those navigating the arid terrain.
  5. Lightness of Being: Despite its robust moisturizing capabilities, Dewderm AD boasts a featherweight texture, rapidly absorbed, ensuring skin feels free, unburdened, and refreshed.
  6. Ageless Grace: Suitable for all generations, Dewderm AD’s embrace knows no age limits. A familial balm for the young and the young at heart.

Incorporating Dewderm AD Intense Anti-Dryness Cream into Your Routine

Adopting Dewderm AD Intense Anti-Dryness Cream into your daily skincare symphony is a straightforward sonnet. Here’s your guide to orchestrating its full potential:

  1. Embark on your skincare overture with a pristine canvas. Employ a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser tailored to your skin type for a meticulous cleansing.
  2. Employ a tender patting motion with a clean towel, ensuring your visage is free from excess moisture before proceeding.
  3. Introduce a modest measure of Dewderm AD Cream, applying it evenly to your face and neck. Be gentle, avoiding the delicate eye contours.
  4. Invite your fingertips to perform a graceful minuet, a gentle massage that guides the cream into your skin with upward and outward strokes. This choreography encourages absorption and guarantees uniform coverage.
  5. Grant the cream a moment to compose itself fully, and then you may introduce makeup or additional skincare serenades.
  6. To unlock Dewderm AD’s opus of benefits, employ it twice daily—morning and evening—or as instructed by your skincare conductor.


Dewderm AD Intense Anti-Dryness Cream is a testament to the harmonious synergy of thoughtfully chosen ingredients, a revelation for dry, sensitive, and irritated skin. With its nourishing amalgamation of ceramides, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, niacinamide, glycerin, and allantoin, this cream delivers profound hydration, bolsters the skin’s defenses, and lends solace to irritation. Whether you’re confronting dryness, redness, or unease, Dewderm AD extends a soothing solution, that embraces all generations. Weave it into your daily skincare rhapsody and savor the delight of nourished, luminous skin. Bid adieu to dryness and embrace the sanctuary of Dewderm AD Intense Anti-Dryness Cream—a sonnet of hydration and comfort.


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