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Fisioativ Skin Repair Cream


Fisioativ cream is a daily use moisturiser for effective skin repair. Fisioativ cream contains Squalane, Shea Butter and Olive Oil. Fisioativ cream effectively moisturize dry skin without leaving an oily feel and soothes dry skin and reduces dry patches.

Benefits of Fisioativ Cream:
Restores skin barrier function
Improves elasticity, hydration and skin roughness
Phytosqualane helps keep skin healthy and flexible
Quickly and completely absorbs in the skin
Lubricates skin surface for a softer and smoother appearance
Non-greasy & Non-irritant
Dermatologically Tested

Active Ingredients:Squalane + Shea Butter + Olive Oil
Manufacturer:Glenmark Pharma
Size:100g / 3.5oz
Ready to dispatch in 24 business hours.
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Authentic Products
Guaranteed Premium Quality
Authentic Products
* Free express shipping on all orders above cart value of USD 100.
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Fisioativ Skin Repair Cream is mysterious and influential in the expansive and complex skincare world. It is ready to start on a revolutionary journey with your skin. This moisturizer is not ordinary; it is a complex blend of ancient knowledge, a daily potion that brings about renewal and goes beyond the ordinary.

The Multifaceted Enigma of Skin Repair

Fisioativ Cream isn’t a mere moisturizer; it’s a multidimensional enigma that defies conventional skincare paradigms. Imagine a product that doesn’t just quench your skin’s thirst but possesses the arcane art of soothing dry patches, resurrecting the skin’s shattered barrier, enhancing elasticity, and exorcising the specter of roughness. Fisioativ Cream isn’t a product; it’s a sorcerer, an alchemist that performs mystical feats on your complexion.

The Alchemical Alure of Squalane Oil

At the core of Fisioativ Cream, concealed within its enigmatic formula, lies Squalane oil—an eldritch elixir. This elixir, birthed from the bosom of nature, emerges as a sentinel against the infamous free radicals—the malevolent harbingers of aging. With its cryptic antioxidative powers, Squalane wages an unrelenting battle against these adversaries. It’s a harmonious harmonizer of oil production, ensuring your skin receives a precisely calibrated dose of moisture, preserving its clarity and vitality.

Shea Butter: Nature’s Moisture Conjurer

Within this enigmatic concoction, Shea butter assumes the role of a moisture conjurer, a magician of hydration. It weaves an invisible veil upon your skin’s surface, an ethereal guardian that thwarts the theft of precious moisture, leaving your skin perpetually hydrated and luxuriously supple.

Olive Oil: The Elixir of Timeless Resilience

Highly steeped in centuries-old mystique, olive oil orchestrates the maintenance of your skin’s timeless resilience. It ensures that your skin remains as smooth as the polished marble floors of ancient temples and as radiant as the Mediterranean sun that has witnessed the passage of empires.

Deciphering the Alchemical Ingredients

The symphony of Fisioativ Cream is an enigma composed of three cryptic ingredients, each harboring its eldritch magic:

– Squalane: The elixir of eternal youth, Squalane wages a covert war against free radicals and presides over the equilibrium of oil production, ensuring your skin’s perpetual well-being. It vanishes into your skin’s depths, leaving no trace but vitality.

– Shea Butter: A moisture architect, Shea butter erects an impervious fortress on your skin’s surface, locking in the life-giving waters and bestowing continuous hydration.

– Olive Oil: The guardian of timelessness, olive oil safeguards your skin’s elasticity, preserving its luminosity and fortitude.

The Cryptic Therapeutic Uses

The therapeutic applications of Fisioativ Cream are an enigmatic tapestry that transcends the banality of conventional moisturizers:

Revival of the Skin’s Protective Enigma: Beyond hydration, Fisioativ Cream is a cryptic mender of your skin’s protective enigma. It forges a formidable bulwark against the ceaseless onslaught of environmental enigmas.

Enhanced Elasticity, Hydration, and Skin Smoothness: Your skin is not just pampered; it’s transformed into an enigmatic canvas of enhanced elasticity, amplified hydration, and unblemished smoothness. Fisioativ Cream gifts you an enigmatic visage.

Squalane’s Enigmatic Blessing: With Squalane as your silent companion, your skin revels in newfound vitality and flexibility. It effortlessly absorbs this enigmatic essence, embracing its eldritch benefits.

A Velvet-Touched Surface: Fisioativ Cream imparts a silken veneer to your skin, akin to a cryptic caress, leaving it tender, supple, and irresistible.

The Riddle of Potential Side Effects

Navigating the arcane realm of skincare can be akin to solving riddles. While Fisioativ Cream typically maintains an unblemished record with minimal side effects, the erratic nature of skin may occasionally unravel enigmatic reactions. Should you encounter enigmatic responses at the application site, such as skin irritation, seeking counsel from your healthcare sage is prudent.

The Sacred Manuscript of Application

Fisioativ Cream thrives when treated with the reverence it deserves. Abide by these sacred commandments for optimal enigmatic results:

  1. Initiate your ritual by cleansing your skin using lukewarm water—a purification ceremony to prepare the canvas.
  2. Apply a diaphanous, uniform layer of the cream onto your skin once a day. Allow the elixir to completely absorb as if your skin were an arid desert, thirstily imbibing the soothing rain.
  3. Protect the portals to your soul; eschew any interaction with your eyes. In the event of an accidental collision, rinse vigorously with water.
  4. Consistency is your compass. Make Fisioativ Cream an integral part of your daily enigmatic routine. Remember, it’s not a destination but an eternal, mysterious journey.

Additional Enigmatic Insights

In your quest for enigmatic skin, safeguard these cryptic nuggets of wisdom:

– Preserve Fisioativ Cream from the prying grasp of curious young minds. Its powers are enigmatic and reserved for those on the path to enigmatic rejuvenation.

– House it within a sanctuary of serenity, ensuring its domicile remains below 30°C and that it is shielded from the chilling embrace of freezing temperatures.

– Bestow upon it moments of reprieve from the searing scrutiny of direct sunlight. Like a cryptic orchid, it thrives in the obscurity of subtlety.

Unmasking the Enigma: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How should Fisioativ Cream be employed in your enigmatic routine?

– Commence your enigmatic skincare rite by purging your skin with lukewarm water, cleansing away the mundane imprints of existence. Then, with a sense of enigmatic reverence, apply a translucent, uniform layer of the cream to your skin once daily. Permit the elixir to be fully enigmatic, as if your skin were an arid desert, yearning for the soothing enigma of rain. Make it an enigmatic aspect of your daily routine for the most profound enigmatic results.

  1. Is Fisioativ Cream an enigmatic choice for my skin?

– Fisioativ Cream is an enigmatic companion for your skin, unlikely to unravel enigmatic side effects. However, should you stumble upon any enigmatic responses at the application enigma, such as skin bewilderment, it is judicious to consult your healthcare sage for enigmatic guidance.

Fisioativ Skin Repair Cream is not a mere product; it’s an arcane incantation of timeless beauty. With its cryptic blend of enigmatic ingredients and transformative enigmatic benefits, it weaves a sonnet of enigmatic rejuvenation for your skin. By adhering to the enigmatic commandments and respecting the esoteric wisdom of skin care, you embark on an enigmatic odyssey towards a visage that radiates the mysterious allure of timeless enigmatic beauty.


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