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Vtop C Vitamin-C 20% Topical Gel


Vtop C Cream is enriched with Vitamin C that prevents pigmentation, wrinkles and generation of free radicals.
Vitamin C is an antioxidant that removes old skin cells that cause dark spots and encourages production of new cells. It is recommended in photodamaged /aging skin, hyperpigmentation / melasma, acne/acne scars and post procedure inflammation.
The cream provides anti-ageing benefits to the skin. Additionally it also improves the skin tone and reduces the formation of wrinkles.

Active Ingredients:Anhydrous L-Ascorbic Acid 20%
Manufacturer:Adroit Biomed
Size:15g / 0.53oz
Ready to dispatch in 24 business hours.
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Guaranteed Premium Quality
Authentic Products
* Free express shipping on all orders above cart value of USD 100.
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In the kaleidoscopic tapestry of skincare, where the ceaseless march of chronological epochs encounters the perpetual quest for ageless allure, an enigmatic luminary – Vtop C Vitamin-C 20% Topical Gel arises. This mystical potion, woven from the strands of scientific precision and nature’s profound mysteries, unfurls its ethereal tendrils, poised to battle the relentless adversaries known as fine lines and wrinkles. Nestled at its very core is the indomitable L-ascorbic acid, a pristine manifestation of vitamin C known for its multi-dimensional prowess.

The Inscrutable Power of L-ascorbic acid: An Epiphany of Vitamin-C Esoterica

At the nucleus of Vtop C Vitamin-C, 20% Topical Gel resides the elusive L-ascorbic acid, a sober and omnipotent variant of vitamin C. This revered constituent unfurls its mystical aura through an intricate kaleidoscope of attributes:

  1. The Sentient Guardian: L-ascorbic acid stands as an unwavering sentinel against the nefarious marauders known as free radicals, those elusive malefactors spawned from the cauldron of environmental stressors. These ethereal intruders seek to plunder the vitality of your skin, hastening the inevitable march of temporal entropy. Vitamin C, the venerated protector, wields its antioxidant wand, erecting an impervious bastion, preserving the integument’s stoic fortitude.
  2. The Alchemist of Collagen: Collagen, the linchpin structural protein responsible for maintaining the dermal matrix’s resplendent firmness and elasticity, succumbs to the inevitable erosions of time. As its production wanes, the visage bears witness to the emergence of fine lines, wrinkles, etchings of experience, and wisdom. Yet, L-ascorbic acid emerges as the alchemist of rejuvenation, coaxing collagen from its dormant slumber, imbuing your visage with a youthful buoyancy akin to a phoenix’s rebirth.
  3. The Illuminator of Radiance: Dark and sad is the path trodden by uneven skin tone. L-ascorbic acid emerges as the luminary that banishes the shadows of discoloration and hyperpigmentation, orchestrating a cosmic overture of luminescence. It produces a celestial ballet within your epidermal strata, resplendent as a starburst, unveiling a radiant canvas that rivals the sun.
  4. The Artisan of Scars: Scars and blemishes, like the relics of ancient battles etched upon the pages of history, bear witness to life’s myriad trials. Yet, L-ascorbic acid unfurls its artistic tapestry, stimulating the cadence of cellular turnover and rejuvenation. These harmonious rhythms gradually consign scars to the annals of obscurity, much like the pages of antiquity fading into the mists of time.
  5. The Solace of Solar Redemption: The sun, that radiant celestial deity, caresses our countenance with its life-giving warmth. Yet, its ardor can incite the tumultuous storm of photoaging, marked by sunspots and the subtle creases of experience. L-ascorbic acid emerges as the vanguard of solar redemption, mending the epidermal tapestry with its alchemical arts, kindling the embers of renewal, and tempering the effects of UV radiation.

The Hypothetical Masterpiece of Vtop C Vitamin-C 20% Topical Gel

As we plunge into the esoteric depths of Vtop C, behold how this gel encapsulates the transcendental symphony of L-ascorbic acid:

  1. The Ethereal Assimilation: Vtop C’s transcendental gel-based formulation manifests a celestial portal, ushering L-ascorbic acid into the inner sanctum of your dermis. Its ethereal embrace ensures optimal absorption, anointing your visage with the elixir of transformation, akin to a shaman channeling the spirits of rejuvenation.
  2. The Quantum Potency: Vtop C, bearing a persistent 20% concentration of L-ascorbic acid, stands as a paragon of potency, an alchemical equation balanced to deliver metamorphic results while preserving the delicate equilibrium of your skin.
  3. The Sublime Texture: Vtop C’s gel-based embodiment communes with your skin as a weightless caress, a symphony of the senses. Its ethereal texture orchestrates a ballet of swift absorption, harmonizing with all skin types, even those prone to the siren call of oiliness.
  4. The Overture of Consistency: Envelop Vtop C within the tapestry of your daily skincare regimen, a daily ritual akin to a mantra that resounds through your existence. For it is through unwavering consistency that the true crescendo of transformation emerges.
  5. The Elixir of Versatility: Vtop C, an alchemical virtuoso, flexes its prowess across skincare concerns. Whether you seek to defeat fine lines, subdue the specter of dark spots, or pursue resplendent radiance, this elixir stands as a sentinel, versatile, and vigilant.

The Unveiling of Vtop C: An Aria of Ageless Beauty

To orchestrate a symphony of transformation, heed this operatic sequence:

  1. The Prelude of Purification: Initiate your skincare overture with a gentle cleansing ritual, an incantation to banish impurities, and consecrate a pristine canvas receptive to Vtop C’s transformative embrace.
  2. The Ballet of Application: Adorn your visage with a modicum of Vtop C Vitamin-C 20% Topical Gel. Gently massage it into your epidermis, orchestrating an ascending melody with your fingertips. Ascend with delicate, upward strokes akin to the crescendo of a sonata’s final movement. Eschew the cacophonous cadence of rubbing, for the periocular terrain, akin to a fragile butterfly, entreats the gentlest caresses.
  3. The Overture of Sunscreen: Recall the epidermal canvas, freshly exfoliated, hunger for protection against the sun’s ardent ardor. Post-application, attire yourself in the armor of a broad-spectrum sunscreen, a formidable sentinel against the radiant passion of Helios.
  4. The Continuance: For the full resonance of vitamin C’s overture to reverberate, apply Vtop C with steadfast regularity. Progress may unfurl deliberately, yet patience and commitment yield the crescendo of transformation you fervently seek.


Vtop C Vitamin-C 20% Topical Gel is an enigma, an epiphany sculpted from the quintessence of L-ascorbic acid. Its arsenal, brimming with the energies of antioxidant vigor, collagen renaissance, luminosity rekindling, and scar-fading sorcery, invites you to embark on an odyssey toward a visage reminiscent of a celestial paean. Whether your quest seeks the effacement of fine lines, the reduction of dark spots, or the invocation of a resplendent luminosity, Vtop C assumes the mantle of an unwavering ally. Embrace the brilliance of vitamin C, and let Vtop C lead you to a visage akin to an eternal symphony, resounding through the annals of time.


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