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Fixderma Under Eye Cream


Fix Derma Triple Action Under Eye Cream is useful for decreasing puffiness and lightening dark circles. It contains green tea extract, which helps to retain moisture and soothes muscular soreness beneath the eyes. Cucumber extract is also included in this cream, which can help moisturise the under-eye area while also reducing inflammation and discolouration.
Key Benefits:
Fix Derma Triple Action Under Eye Cream is beneficial for lightening the dark circles and reducing puffiness
It contains green tea extract which aids in moisture retention and relieves muscle soreness under-eye skin
It also contains cucumber extract which can aid to hydrate the under-eye area and decrease any inflammation and discolouration

Active Ingredients:Pephatight® 2% + Flavagrum® 2% + Haloxyl™ 2% + Cucumber 1% & Green Tea 1% Extracts
Size:20g / 0.7oz
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Guaranteed Premium Quality
Authentic Products
* Free express shipping on all orders above cart value of USD 100.
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In the dynamic skincare landscape, the eyes persist as the gateway to our innermost sentiments, articulating our emotions and life’s narratives to the universe. However, the fragile expanse of skin enveloping our eyes falls prey to the ceaseless march of time, giving rise to prevalent apprehensions like the haunting specters of dark circles, the swell of puffiness, and the etching of wrinkles. Here enters Fixderma Under Eye Cream, a creation of remarkable proportions infused with an artful amalgamation of potent ingredients that pledge to wage a formidable battle against these aesthetic adversities with resounding efficacy.

The Enigmatic Science Behind Fixderma Under Eye Cream

To grasp the profound transformative potential inherent in Fixderma Under Eye Cream, we must embark on a journey of intellectual exploration into the intricate alchemical composition that underpins its elegance. At its very essence lies a carefully curated ensemble of five key ingredients, each meticulously handpicked for its distinctive attributes and remarkable capacity to synchronize with its counterparts seamlessly. Join us now as we delve deep into the enigmatic core of this elixir of beauty.

  1. Pephatight – The Skin-Firming Virtuoso:

Pephatight, a celestial gift derived from the microalgae Nannochloropsis occulata, occupies the apex of Fixderma’s enchantment. When married to a polysaccharide, it yields an awe-inspiring duet. This dynamic partnership orchestrates an opulent symphony of superior skin firmness by bolstering the repair and maintenance of the extracellular membrane. The result? A visage lifted in both immediate splendor and sustained magnificence. With each application, Pephatight leaves an indelible mark, defying the erosions of time and bestowing a semblance of ageless allure.

  1. Flavagrum – The Fountain of Youth:

Flavagrum, a clandestine elixir, is a potent contributor to Fixderma’s transformative power. This elixir, replete with antioxidants and vital nutrients, embarks on a pilgrimage to nourish the very core of the skin. But its pièce de résistance lies in its capacity to bolster collagen production, effectively blurring the fine lines and wrinkles that are etched by time. By revitalizing the skin’s structural integrity, Flavagrum ensures that the under-eye expanse remains a bastion of smoothness, resilience, and unyielding grace.

  1. Haloxyl – The Dark Circle Defender:

Bid farewell to the shroud of dark circles that have long plagued your reflection, for Haloxyl stands as an indomitable ally within Fixderma’s illustrious ensemble. It refrains from the mere guise of camouflage and marches forth as a brave warrior. By fortifying blood circulation and facilitating the expulsion of extra fluids, Haloxyl artfully diminishes bags and the sullen specters of weariness beneath the eyes. Each encounter with Haloxyl transforms your gaze into a radiant tableau of awakened vitality.

  1. Cucumber Extract – The Hydration Maestro:

The bounteous virtues of cucumber extract converge in a gentle cascade, offering the soothing touch that your under-eye area craves. With its elevated water content and innate anti-inflammatory prowess, cucumber extract is not content with mere hydration; it is a guardian of calm, a quencher of puffiness, and a queller of irritation as it envelops the skin, an abundance of suppleness and plumpness unfurls, a testament to its unwavering hydration.

  1. Green Tea Extract – The Antioxidant Shield:

Green tea extract, the patron of antioxidant eminence, completes Fixderma’s masterful quintet. Its accolades extend beyond its celebrated capacity to neutralize free radicals. Green tea extract emerges as a guardian of moisture, a mollifier of muscular soreness, and an eraser of skin discoloration. Its presence ushers in a visible reduction in dark circles, instigating a canvas of luminescence and renewal.

The Artful Application Ritual

Engaging in the application ritual with reverence and precision is imperative to fully harness the transformative power of Fixderma Under Eye Cream. Herein lies the script to ensure an orchestration of the most profound results:

  1. Preamble of Purity:

Embark on your skincare symphony with the cleansing ritual that sweeps away the day’s residue, including makeup and impurities. As the cleansing concludes, treat your skin to the soft embrace of a delicate pat-down, for it prepares the canvas for the forthcoming touch of Fixderma Under Eye Cream.

  1. The Sonata of Application:

With a fraction of the cream upon your fingertip, summon your ring finger, the paragon of gentility. Gently dab the cream upon the under-eye canvas, eschewing any inclination towards strenuous tugging or unwarranted tension. The cream’s exquisite consistency is engineered to facilitate a productive and pleasing application to the senses.

  1. A Rhapsody of Absorption:

As the cream melds with your skin, conduct a gentle, circular massage, a movement that enhances absorption and kindles a symphony of blood circulation. In this elegant choreography, the skin drinks in the elixir, revealing the emergence of de-puffing and rejuvenation.

  1. The Crescendo of Care:

With the cream flawlessly absorbed, you can now proceed to the culmination of your skincare sonata: Apply your chosen moisturizer and sunscreen, concluding the performance with aplomb. This final act ensures a comprehensive panorama of care and fortification.

Embrace the Symphony of Transformation

Fixderma Under Eye Cream is not merely a skincare product but a testament to the ceaseless evolution of beauty science. With its multifaceted approach, it adroitly addresses dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles through a diverse cast of ingredients. It is an exquisite symphony of perplexity and burstiness in skincare excellence, a testament to the intricate interplay of ingredients that reveal a refreshed and revitalized gaze.

Bid farewell to the visage of fatigue and welcome the confidence that accompanies brighter, more youthful radiance. Embrace the transformative journey with Fixderma Under Eye Cream, an ode to the elegance of skincare science, and herald a new era of ageless allure and graceful beauty.


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