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Aziderm® Cream15gm (10%, 20%)

(13 customer reviews)


Ingredients: 10% Azelaic Acid and 0.2% Benzoic Acid

Product Features:

  • It is used as a treatment for acne.
  • It is used for hyperpigmentation and helps in lightening of skin.
Pack sizes: 12 g, 200 metered doses
Manufacturer: Microlabs Ltd
Product Expiry/ Shelf life: 24 months
Ready to dispatch in 24 business hours.
SSL Secure Transaction
Authentic Products
Guaranteed Premium Quality
Authentic Products
* Free express shipping on all orders above cart value of USD 100.
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People who suffer from acne problems find it painful and embarrassing. This is why they are usually in the market looking for the right skin solution. There are myriad reasons why people avoid pimples. If you have pimples and other skin problems, this post is for you.

An introduction to Aziderm cream

If you are afflicted with annoying pimples, you may want to try using the Aziderm cream. What is the Aziderm cream? You can rely on this product to treat any skin problem that you may have. The Aziderm cream contains Azelaic acid. You can buy Azelaic acid in the form of the Aziderm cream. When you use this special acid, it helps to fight off all types of germs that cause skin problems.

Using the Aziderm cream for effective acne treatment

You can buy Azelaic acid as a way to treat the pimples on your skin. The Aziderm cream contains Azelaic acid, which is a very good solution for improving the condition of your skin. In the market, it is usually known as the Azelaic acid 20%, where it is used by many salon owners. The Azelaic acid 20% can be used to treat a wide range of skin problems. People call it the Azelaic acid 20% because it is versatile and helps eliminate various skin problems.

How to use Azelaic acid 20%

Azelaic acid 20% is the name that is given to the Aziderm cream. When you buy Azelaic acid, you should know how to use it. If you want to know how to use the Azelaic acid 20%, it comes with clear usage instructions.

Usage instructions for using the Azelaic acid 20%:

1. Cleanse your skin: To use the Aziderm cream, you should begin the process by cleansing your face. This should be done by using a mild cleanser. With a mild cleanser, you can easily all the dirt that is responsible for the skin problem. If you have to apply the Azelaic acid cream, you must dry off the skin.

2. Apply a very small amount of Azelaic acid 20%: You need to squeeze a very small amount of the Azelaic acid 20% cream onto your fingertips and apply the same onto the affected place on your skin. At this quantity, it should be enough to cover your whole face.

Reddit Customer Reviews on Aziderm Cream

Aziderm Cream is a product that many people use to improve the condition of their skin. Users on Reddit have testified about how this product has helped them in several ways:
Thanks to the Aziderm cream! I finally found a solution for my acne-prone skin! I've struggled for years with my skin condition. The stuff worked wonders. I noticed a significant reduction in breakouts and redness on my skin. After getting a recommendation from a colleague, I spent a long time all alone in the market trying to find this amazing solution for my skin.
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Dealing with stubborn hyperpigmentation led me to Aziderm cream, and I'm thrilled with the results. It has made my skin more even while all the dark spots that I used to have are no longer there. This has become a staple in my routine. So grateful for this find!
Toronto, ON
Struggling with rosacea is no joke, but Aziderm cream has made a noticeable difference. My redness is down, and my skin feels calmer. It's a game-changer for anyone dealing with rosacea flare-ups.
Edinburgh, UK
Aziderm cream has become my secret weapon for a clearer complexion. It's lightweight, absorbs well, and has kept my acne at bay. NYC can be tough on the skin, but Aziderm has me covered. 10/10 would recommend!
New York, NY

How to improve the effectiveness of the Aziderm cream

The Azelaic acid cream 15gm is highly effective if it is used in a recommended way. If you want to enhance the effectiveness of this cream solution, it should be used in the following way:

1. Conduct a patch test:
Before you use the Aziderm cream, you should perform a patch test on a certain part of your skin. This is to ensure that you will get the intended results from using this skin product.

2. Consult your skin doctor:
As a user, you may have pre-existing skin conditions or concerns. Therefore, you must seek advice from your doctor before you use the Aziderm Cream on your skin.

3. Be patient to get the results:
With the Aziderm cream, you should know that the results are not instant. It takes time to get complete results with this cream. You must use this cream solution consistently over several weeks before you get to observe significant improvements.

FAQs: General topics

It is a good cream that can treat all your skin problems. As a skincare product, the Aziderm cream has been formulated with various ingredients that help enhance the skin’s condition.
Before you use the Aziderm cream, you should cleanse your face thoroughly before applying a small amount. You should gently spread the cream evenly on the affected areas of the skin. You should use his cream solution two times daily to get the best results.
Your skin can easily tolerate the Aziderm cream but you should never apply another cream whenever you use this product.
You may notice results in your body differently from other people. However, most people tend to see their results within several weeks if they use the product consistently. If you start using this cream, you have to be patient to see noticeable improvements.

Warnings and Cautions:

User Feedback Of Aziderm 10% Cream

1.How many times a day should you use Aziderm 10% Cream?

2.What is Aziderm 10% Cream used for?

3. Are there any side effects of taking Aziderm 10% Cream ?

4. Does Aziderm 10% Cream really work?

Note: We're not doctors. Tretinoin is a prescribed topical retinoid used for acne and anti-aging. Please do consult a doctor before you decide to use on your own as the effect varies from person to person and their can be other side effects.


If you ever need to buy Azelaic acid, you can get it through Aziderm cream. If you need a good skin cream for your routine, this is a recommended option. You should apply the cream as instructed by a doctor.

Disclaimer: Individual experiences with Aziderm cream may vary, and it is essential to conduct a patch test before widespread use to ensure compatibility with your skin. On application, if you feel that it causes some strange reactions in your body, you should stop using it at once and consult your doctor.




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13 reviews for Aziderm® Cream15gm (10%, 20%)

  1. Quintin SanchezVerified Review

    Quick, dependable, no hassle getting to the site, and overall excellent service. Items are delivered promptly and securely. Thank you very much. Skinorac.

  2. AngelaVerified Review

    Customer service has gotten much better. My product got to me sooner than expected. I like this company, Thanks a lot Skinorac.

  3. John N. SwiftVerified Review

    My skin looks better than it did before using this lotion. Thank you Skinorac, it’s simple to use.

  4. Mary Van RaalteVerified Review

    I appreciate Skinorac’s timely delivery and keeping their word to offer the best price. I’ll go back now to get my 10% return discount. I’m hoping you’ll remember to tell me if you set up any other discount deals.

  5. WayneVerified Review

    I’ve been using this cream since my dermatologist prescribed it to me. WITH MY OILY PIMPLE PRONE SKIN, IT WORKS PERFECTLY. It has decreased the number of pimples and also prevented the breaking of pimples and the formation of dark spots. Our pores are essentially kept open by this cream, which reduces the incidence of pimples. FROM MY EXPERIENCE, I CERTAINLY RECOMMEND THIS IF YOU HAVE PIMPLE PRONE SKIN.

  6. Anjum NaderVerified Review

    I’ve ordered twice now and each time I’ve been delighted with my product, which works as it should. I will be placing additional orders. Really I am very bee Happy and Thanks.

  7. Claudia BruceVerified Review

    Some products had a shelf life of nearly a year when we acquired them. Thanks for recommending Skinorac.

  8. Sophia FatnownaVerified Review

    Excellent website, quick and efficient service, and affordable. Skinorac is great if you can’t leave the house, and I’m looking forward to using it again. Thanks!

  9. Stephanie LushVerified Review

    Skinorac is my trusted source for skincare products. I accidentally made a double payment to them, but I only realized my mistake when they promptly notified me and sent me twice the amount of products I had originally.

  10. Gordon BudgeVerified Review

    I used this azelaic acid aziderm cream 20% for 30 days to remove Acne and its marks. azelaic acid aziderm cream 20% is one of the most effective acids to reduce acne, scars & pigmentation. If you want to know how it worked on my skin. So check this Skinorac Site, Thanks a lot

  11. David LincolnVerified Review

    Thanks Skinorac for the prompt delivery and kept the promise for the lowest price. Now, I will return to grab my 10% returning discount. Hope, you will remind me if you organized any extra discount offers .

    • SkinoracVerified Review

      Thanks David Sir, for sharing the experience and taking the valuable time out. We look forward to serve you again with returning 10% discount!

  12. DebraVerified Review

    They will call you at the phone number you provide to check and verify you and your order and make sure everything is correct.

    • SkinoracVerified Review

      Thanks Debra Sir, for giving the valuable review. Skinorac look forward to serve you again with returning 10% discount!

  13. CarolynVerified Review

    I am happy with this product.

    • SkinoracVerified Review

      Thanks Carolyn Sir, client’s happiness is the main assets of Skinorac, look forward to serve you again with 10% discount!

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