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Bimatoprost Eye Drops for Increasing Eyebrows

The brows are hair-bearing structures that give the human face its distinguishing features. They serve various purposes, including protection, aesthetics, and social communication. According to a study of human psychology, the brows are just as significant as the eyes in establishing facial identity. Loss of brow hair, also known as eyebrow hypotrichosis, can significantly influence a person’s psychological well-being. Furthermore, eyebrows hypotrichosis can occur due to physiologic circumstances or the appearance of a variety of underlying disorders. There is no conventional therapy for eyebrow hypotrichosis at the moment. Topical medication, surgical treatment, and aesthetic masking are among the options to evaluate any underlying diseases.

Bimatoprost eye drops, which is used to treat ocular hypertension and glaucoma, has been found to promote hair growth. Patients who got this medicine experienced an increased eyelash length and thickness as a side effect that improved the facial structure. Many randomized, controlled trials demonstrated the efficacy of bimatoprost solution 0.03 percent for treating eyelash hypotrichosis. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized it in 2008 to treat eyelash hypotrichosis. Bimat eye drops for increasing eyebrows is also available to buy online from Skinorac Pharma

How buying Bimatoprost can accelerate Eyebrow growth.

Bimatoprost 0.03 percent solution’s mechanism of action in the treatment of brow hypotrichosis, has been studied. Bimatoprost works by activating the prostamide receptor, which causes downstream effects such as the transition of hair follicles from the telogen to the anagen phase. Bimatoprost medication has also been linked to extending the anagen phase, resulting in longer hair. 

The clinical improvement in eyelash fullness and thickness seen by the researchers are related to the expansion of the dermal papillae and an increase in hair bulb diameter. Furthermore, experts believe that the process of hair darkening observed with bimatoprost usage is due to enhanced melanogenesis.

Does Bimatoprost work?

  • Research published in the journal Dermatologic Surgery in 2016 tracked 357 males and females with eyebrow hair loss who took Bimatoprost once or twice daily for seven months. At the course of the trial, both groups that used Bimatoprost had significantly increased eyebrow development, with only minor variances identified. After the second month of application, the majority of subjects reported detecting a change.
  • Short research published in 2014 by Dermatology Online Journal looked at eyebrow development among ten female users. For six weeks, the participants used Bimatoprost to one eyebrow overnight. At the end of the trial, the researchers have found that all subjects had increased eyebrow hair growth. No negative side effects were reported by participants.
  • While these studies indicate support for Bimatoprost for eyebrow growth, there are a variety of variables that can affect its efficacy. These include when and how frequently you use it, as well as whether there are any underlying causes of your eyebrow hair fall.

Is Bimatoprost safe to use?

One of the most well-known adverse effects of Bimatoprost is hair darkening. This is less of a worry for eyelashes because many individuals use mascara to make their lashes look darker.

However, if you have lighter brows, Bimatoprost can darken them significantly.

The most prevalent side events observed during the Dermatologic Surgery Trusted Source research were:

  • Skin itching
  • Runny nose
  • Eye itching
  • Skin darkening

But these effects were reported only by 5-7% of people who used it.

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