What is the Most Effective Way to Grow Eyelashes

While a few coats of mascara may make your lashes seem darker and dense, there is something about having natural long eyelashes that add gravity. It’s not just about the appearance. As you get older, your lashes droop and snap off, which goes hand in hand with dryness and breakage. In other words, increasing length also maintains your lashes stronger and healthier. Who wouldn’t want that?

However, unless you were born with the longest, most doe-eyed lashes, increasing length might be difficult.

Here are some dermatologist-approved ways to grow eyelashes or avoid eyelash loss

Castor oil- Using castor oil for healthy hair is a staple in every one’s hair care routine, but did you know using castor oil on your eyelash may make it longer, thicker and dense. Take an empty mascara tube, wash it thoroughly, make sure that every last bit of the marscare liquid is washed off. Clean the mascara wand very precisely, fill it up with castor oil with the help of funnel and use it every night before going to bed, voila your home-made eyelash serum is ready!

If you don’t have an empty mascara tube you can get it in stores or online.

Say no to mascara- People swear by mascara, and even individuals who don’t wear makeup that much cannot resist a good mascara, as a good mascara makes your eyes more awake as it gives volume and length to your eyelashes, but did you know the biggest reason your eyelashes are shedding is due to mascara. Our eyelashes are very delicate and light, applying mascara makes them heavy which leads to eyelashes falling off. Avoid using mascara, at least on a daily basis.

Vaseline – Oh good old vaseline! Vaseline is such a multi purpose product it is extremely cheap and effective, not only for dry skin but eyelashes too. A little coating of Vaseline applied to the base of your lashes or the lash tips will help them seem bigger and fuller. Vaseline is an occlusive substance, it forms a layer on the hair’s surface that can effectively block moisture loss, Vaseline provides moisture to the eyelashes which protects them from dryness and breakage.

Eyelash Growth Drops- Some eye drops which have Bimatoprost as its active ingredient such as Bimat eye drops, Careprost Eye Drops, Careprost Plus Eye Drops promote eyelash growth. These eye drops are safe to use as they were approved by the FDA in 2001. As a side effect of bimatoprost patients noticed eyelash growth. Their eyelashes were thicker and denser than before.

Follow Good Practices For Eyes- Eyelashes are very sensitive and fragile, they can be very brittle. Avoid tugging and pulling eyelashes from eyes. Avoid using expired eye make-up products or any off brand makeup on your eyes. Choose products which don’t have parabens in it. Avoid plucking your eyelashes, reduce your screen time as it may cause tiredness and strain to your eyes which may lead to falling eyelashes.

If you want to grow your eyelashes thicker and longer and want them to look denser you can use eye drops which have Bimatoprost. You can buy Bimat Eye Drops, Careprost Eye Drops, Careprost Plus Eye Drops online from Skinorac Pharma. has a wide range of eye care products like Bimat eye drops, Careprost Eye Drops, Careprost Plus Eye Drops which promote eyelash growth. Skinorac online pharma, we have been the leading provider since 2015. We also give 10% off on cryptocurrency and have a good deal and amazing offers going all over the website. We provide shipping in 195 + countries in the world.

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