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Careprost® 3ml Eye Drops

(75 customer reviews)


Ingredients: Bimatoprost, Benzalkonium chloride, sodium phosphate, dibasic, citric acid, and purified water.

Product Features:

  • It is utilised to lower ocular pressure.
  • It is employed to thicken eyelashes.
Active Ingredients:
Bimatoprost Opthalmic Solution
Other Brand Name:
Sun Pharma, India

Brand: Careprost

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Our eyelashes are a crucial component of our appearance. They give the eyes a bold, lovely appearance. The appearance of larger eyes is correlated with longer eyelashes.

Although applying mascara or eyelash extensions to lengthen the lashes has become a popular aspect of cosmetics, the effects are transient. Additionally, eyelash extensions have a number of negative effects.  Natural approaches are always superior.

We’ve been hearing for years that castor oil can increase lash density. Careprost is a comparable new age product. It has been demonstrated that the medication careprost makes eyelashes appear fuller, longer, and darker.

Careprost contains Bimatoprost as its active pharmaceutical ingredient. You can buy Careprost online from Skinorac. It is available in the form of an eye serum. It is usually available in 3ml quantities. Generic Careprost options are easily available online. Careprost eye drop is FDA-approved for eyelash enhancement. It is a safe medication that anyone can use for the growth of eyelashes.

What is Careprost?

The active ingredient in Careprost is known as Bimatoprost which causes eyelash growth. Bimatoprost, a prostaglandin analogue, was originally used to treat open angle glaucoma and treat ocular hypertension. It reduces the pressure to protect the optic nerves.

As a side effect of its use it was noticed to have effect on eyelashes and then on further studies, it was found to have positive effect on hair follicles and since then it has been used to enhance eyelash growth.

How does Careprost work?

Bimatoprost is the active component in Careprost eyelash grower. According to research, eyelash development happens when the fraction of hairs in the anagen (or growth) phase of the hair follicle increases. Careprost prolongs this period of development, resulting in longer lashes. It also encourages the growth of new lashes, resulting in fuller lashes.

How to use Careprost for Best Results?

  • Careprost generally comes with an applicator brush if you do not have one you may use a cotton bud. With the brush you need to apply very little to the upper eyelashes. Remember to avoid applying the lower lashes.
  • The most suitable time to apply Careprost is at the night time before going to bed as the product gets absorbed overnight which gives better results.
  • It is important to remove contact lenses before applying Careprost
  • The face should be thoroughly cleaned and all eye make up must be removed before applying Careprost. Makeup and Careprost should never be applied together as this can have unwanted consequences.
  • Be very careful in applying Careprost and avoid putting the product in other parts other than eyelashes. Because it may cause hair growth wherever it touches hence make sure to wash it off immediately if any other part comes in contact with the medicine.

Benefits of Careprost

Careprost consists of the active ingredient Bimatoprost that has been clinically proven to cause hair growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Initially discovered to treat intraocular pressure and glaucoma, the product has the positive side effects of eyelash growth making it a popular choice among the users.

The benefits include:

  • Cost effective: Careprost is much more cost effective as compared to other procedures such as fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions.
  • Natural results: Careprost offers a natural result to the eyelash appearance unlike other invasive procedures like extensions which involve a lot of side effects and also do not have the natural outcome.
  • Easy Application: Careprost has a very simple and easy application and maintenance and needs to be applied once only before bed time. This makes it a viable option for users who wish to have guaranteed results without much effort.
  • Long term results: Unlike other procedures careprost is a permanent solution with long term results and not temporary that require high maintenance.

Comparing Careprost and Lumigan: What You Need to Know

Brand NameCareprostLumigan
Generic NameBimatoprostBimatoprost
ManufacturerSun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.Allergan
IndicationHypotrichosis (inadequate eyelashes) treatmentHypotrichosis (inadequate eyelashes) treatment
 Intraocular pressure reduction in glaucomaIntraocular pressure reduction in glaucoma
Strength0.03% (3mg/ml)0.01% (0.1mg/ml) or 0.03% (0.3mg/ml)
DosageOnce daily in the eveningOnce daily in the evening
Side EffectsTemporary eye irritation, redness, itching, darkening of eyelid skinTemporary eye irritation, redness, itching, darkening of eyelid skin, changes in iris pigmentation, eye dryness, blurred vision, conjunctival edema, and allergic reactions.
AvailabilityPrescription required but easily available onlinePrescription required not available online

Safe and Effective

Careprost is acclaimed for its double commitment to safety and efficacy in enhancing eyelash appearance. Its formula undergoes stringent quality control measures, adheres to regulatory standards. Clinically validated and notably researched, Careprost always demonstrates its potential to grow longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes with regular use. Users can accept it as true within its safe application, supported by way of clear advice and warnings to mitigate probable risks. This combination of safety and effectiveness makes Careprost a viable option for individuals searching for noticeable improvements of their eyelash aesthetics.

Tips for Best Results:

Consistent Application: Apply Careprost every day, preferably in the night, to easy, makeup-free eyelids.

Minimal Product Usage: A single drop on the applicator brush is enough for both eyelids to avoid wastage and probable side effects.

Patience is Key: While a few customers may additionally be aware of results inside a few weeks, full effects may also take into twelve-sixteen weeks of steady use.

Remove Contact Lenses: Before application, remove contact lenses and reinsert them after 15 mins to prevent unwanted hazards.

Avoid Direct Contact: Ensure the product does not come in touch with different areas of the face to prevent accidental hair boom.

Mistakes to Avoid:

Overuse: Using excess product than necessary may not provide results faster rather increase the chances of side effects.

Inconsistent Application: Skipping applications or the use of the serum irregularly can cause slow development and delay results.

Contact Lens Mishaps: Failure to take away contact lenses before application can result in pain or interference with the product’s absorption.

Sharing Applicators: Avoid sharing applicators to prevent pass-contamination and probable infections.

Direct Contact with Eyes: Ensure the serum does not enter the eyes, as it may cause irritation or different adverse reactions.

Careprost Pros:

-Clinically established to beautify eyelash length, thickness, and darkness.

-Cost-effective alternative to pricier eyelash enhancement treatments.

-Convenient utility with noticeable effects in a surprisingly brief time-frame.

-Suitable for people with sparse or thinning eyelashes searching for a non-invasive solution.

Careprost Cons:

-Potential side outcomes may consist of itching, redness, or darkening of the eyelid -pores and skin.

-Results can also vary among customers, with some experiencing extra considerable usage than others.

-Requires steady and consistent use to maintain results.

-Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals without consulting a healthcare professional.

Latisse Pros:

-FDA-approved prescription medication specifically formulated for eyelash enhancement.

-Extensively researched and clinically tested for safety and efficacy.

-Often prescribed by dermatologists or healthcare providers for personalised treatment.

-May yield noticeable results in as little as 8 weeks for some users.

Latisse Cons:

-Higher cost compared to over-the-counter alternatives like Careprost.

-Requires a prescription, which may involve additional time and expense for consultation.

-Potential for similar side effects as Careprost, including eye irritation and skin darkening.

-Limited availability without a doctor’s recommendation.

Storage and Self Life of Careprost:

Store Careprost at room temperature (among 36-seventy seven°F or 2-25°C) far from moisture and direct sunlight ensuring the bottle is tightly closed while no longer in use to save from contamination. Self life typically ranges from three to 6 months after opening, depending on conditions of storing and frequency of use. Avoid freezing or exposing the product to severe temperature, as it can compromise its effectiveness.

A Glimpse at Real-Life Results:

Many customers record amazing enhancements in eyelash length, thickness, and general look after the use of Careprost continually. These results often occur within weeks, with continued enhancement over time.

Careprost Eyelash Serum Reviews:

Positive Experiences:

  • Many customers note enormous improvements in lash period and thickness, with some reporting up to 25% longer lashes.
  • Affordable as compared to similar products like Latisse, making it a price range-friendly choice.
  • Easy to contain into nightly routines because of its easy application system.

Negative Feedback:

  • Some customers experience rare side effects along with redness or itching across the eyes, prompting discontinuation and consultation with a physician.
  • Inconsistent consequences suggested by a few users, likely because of individual variations or wrong application techniques.

Key Takeaway Points:

  • Careprost is a renowned eyelash enhancement serum designed to promote longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes.
  • The product includes bimatoprost, a key element known for exciting lash growth by way of prolonging the growth phase of the eyelash hair cycle.
  • Users can assume successful results within weeks of consistent application.
  • To ensure protection and efficacy, it’s critical to comply with the advocated usage instructions and seek advice from a healthcare professional if any unwanted side effects appear

How long does it take to get the results you expected?

It takes about a minimum of 3-4 weeks for the effects of Careprost to show.

The desired results of dense thick eyelashes can be seen in about 12–16 weeks which varies from person to person. You need to be patient while using Careprost. The results are guaranteed but may take some time. If you stop using Careprost it is not that the lashes you developed will suddenly but  take many weeks or months for your eyelashes to recover to their original state. Once the maximum length has been obtained, upkeep treatment can be done 2-3 times per week to keep the results.

Side effects of Careprost Solution for eyelashes

The most typical negative effects of using Careprost solution are itching and/or redness inside the eyes, which were reported by about 4% of users. Other side effects include eye irritation, dryness of the eyes, and redness of the eyelids. These can happen just after you use anything, but they should only last a few minutes. Itching and redness of the eyes are not allergic responses and do not indicate that your vision is being affected. If eye redness continues, discontinue the use of the product and seek medical advice from your local physician.

Warnings and Cautions:

USER FEEDBACK OF Careprost Eye Drops

1.How long does it take for Careprost to show results?

2. How often should you apply Careprost?

3.Should you apply Careprost to both upper and lower eyelashes?

4.Are there any side effects to careprost?

Frequently Asked Questions On Careprost

Careprost is generally considered safe for open angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. However it must be used reasonably for other purposes such as eyelash growth. As it may cause certain side effects like change in the iris colour and unwanted hair growth. It is generally considered safe when used under a doctor’s guidance.

Like most medicines Careprost comes with certain side effects which are generally considered mild and is not guaranteed to be experienced however some may have it. Careprost can cause change in the colour of the iris, careprost can cause irritation of the eyelids with some redness and itchiness. It may also cause darker skin around the eyes.

If you forget to apply careprost you must not double the application if you do not realize it within an hour or so of your dosage time. You may directly apply your subsequent  dose at your usual time.   

You should not be applying careprost over contact lenses. You must take off your lenses before putting the drops and again you may wear the lenses back after 15 minutes of application.

Careprost should not be applied to the lower lashes as it may tend to touch the water line which can be irritable towards the eyes and it is a strict no no. You may wipe off immediately if the medicine touches anywhere apart from the upper eyelashes.

Careprost is available in  bottles of two different strengths 3ml and 6 ml.

A 3ml bottle of careprost may last roughly for a month if used on every night. The effects may start showing in a month so from the second month onwards it is okay to be used on alternative months hence the second bottle should last for a good two months.

Careprost should not be used more than once a day under any circumstances.

It is recommended to use it in the evening once the face and eyes have been thoroughly cleaned and all eye make up has been removed.

Effects from Careprost may start showing in about 4 weeks however to see the full results one needs to apply it consistently for a month without leaving the treatment in between.

Success Stories

Before & After Careprost Eye Drops from Skinorac

Success Story 1

Success Story 2

Watch our video on how to achieve perfect lashes with Careprost Eye Drops for expert tips and insights

Careprost on Reddit

Careprost has been extensively discussed over online forums like Reddit where there are multiple groups and people have shared their experiences and opinions on the use of this product for eyelash growth. It is always a great idea to do some online research and read real life experiences to make an informed decision.

How to buy Careprost online Safely?

1. Select a well-known vendor

Selecting a reliable supplier requires some investigation on different internet discussion boards. For certain merchants, such as Skinorac, you can count on guaranteed delivery; for others, you’ll have to do the research.

2. Get a prescription

It is recommended to have a prescription before you purchase from Skinorac or any other websites.

3. Check for the most suitable generic brands

There are several generic brands comparable to Careprost available at various prices. Scroll through the website for the most suitable product for yourself. All generic brands will give you similar results but the difference lies in the pricing and brand name.

4. Compare the prices

You may compare the prices on a few websites but it shall be hard to find a place providing good quality products at such a reasonable price as Skinorac.

5. Check a few reviews online

Never trust the information that many websites, including ours, advertise! Before completing your order, perform your own research and reach the bottom to ensure that you are aware of the difference between the real and the fake.

6. Place your order

Place your order and make sure to use secure payment methods. Use payment methods like PayPal, Credit Cards and bank transfers if you are using any company for the first time. Otherwise gift cards are a great and convenient option to choose from companies you trust.


We can summarise in this article that Careprost indeed is an effective solution for eyelash growth. It must be used responsibly under a doctor’s supervision and it is best to buy Careprost online to avoid any kind of hassle and get such transforming products delivered to the doorstep at most reasonable pricing.


The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Please consult with your healthcare provider for personalized advice and treatment options.


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75 reviews for Careprost® 3ml Eye Drops

  1. CassandraVerified Review

    My lashes are so thick now….i have been putting a little on my eyebrows to regrow hair…it seems to be getting thicker on the ends where i apply

    Really incredible product

    • EllieVerified Review

      Thank you so much for your wonderful review! We’re thrilled to hear that you love the product and that it exceeded your expectations. Your recommendation means a lot to us. If you ever need anything or have any questions, feel free to reach out. We look forward to serving you again!

  2. Wina millsVerified Review

    The product was delivered to me in new york…and it being positive ever since
    My lashes are so long and fine now

    • EllieVerified Review

      Thank you for your honest feedback

  3. Kath mommohVerified Review

    My lash are so long.
    I love the product

  4. EllaVerified Review

    Thank you for still having this product up with a decent price in the US

    Successfully received the product 2days Ago

    • EllieVerified Review

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We’re glad to hear that the product is working for you and that our customer service team was able to assist you.

  5. Zara S.Verified Review

    Just finished a bottle
    My lashes has definitely improved thickness wise
    Ordering my second bottle now

    • EllieVerified Review

      Thank you so much for your detailed and positive review! We’re thrilled to hear that you’ve had such a great experience with our product and customer support.

  6. James RiddellVerified Review

    I’m delighted with the results I’ve seen with Careprost. My lashes have never looked better!

    • EllieVerified Review

      Thank you for your honest feedback

  7. laneyVerified Review

    This product shows very good results. after using this product my eye lashes looking good.

    • EllieVerified Review

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We’re glad to hear that the product is working for you and that our customer service team was able to assist you

  8. glangoshVerified Review

    Best Eye Drop For Eyelashes.

  9. Christian MooreVerified Review

    Careprost helped my lashes grow longer, but the process was slower than anticipated. I also experienced some itching and redness around the eyes. It’s an okay product if you’re patient and don’t mind the side effects.

  10. Isaac RudduckVerified Review

    Careprost 3ml Eye Drops have transformed my lashes beyond my expectations! They are noticeably longer and fuller, and I always receive compliments. The key is consistency and following the instructions carefully. I couldn’t be happier with this product.

  11. Cameron ShillitoVerified Review

    With Careprost, I’ve achieved maximum impact with minimal effort. It’s effortless to use and delivers beautiful results.

  12. Christian ScrivenerVerified Review

    While Careprost did help my lashes grow longer, I experienced some irritation and redness around the eyes. It was manageable with a soothing eye drop, but I had hoped for a more comfortable experience. The results were decent, but the irritation was a drawback for me.

  13. martinVerified Review

    careprost eye drop is best for my eyes. after using this product my eyes are feeling very good.

    • EllieVerified Review

      Thank you so much for your wonderful review! We’re thrilled to hear that you love the product and that it exceeded your expectations. Your recommendation means a lot to us. If you ever need anything or have any questions, feel free to reach out. We look forward to serving you again!

  14. carolynVerified Review

    one of the best eye drop, this product have best quality. soothing product for eyes.

  15. Alfonso WengerVerified Review

    Careprost is a budget friendly gem! I’ve tried high end serums, but the results I’ve gotten from Careprost are unparalleled. It’s proof that you don’t need to break the bank for beautiful lashes.

  16. Gianni DellVerified Review

    Careprost Eye Drops have taken my lash game to a whole new level. I never thought my lashes could look this good. It’s a product I’ll continue using.

  17. Kameron SternVerified Review

    Careprost Eye Drops have made my lashes longer, which pairs beautifully with mascara. It helps achieve a more dramatic look. I’m happy with the results.

  18. Kory MaresVerified Review

    Careprost Eye Drops have helped me achieve natural looking lashes. They are longer but still maintain a subtle and elegant appearance.

  19. Sandy D. BelcherVerified Review

    Careprost Eye Drops have made my lashes so long and voluminous that I don’t even need mascara anymore. It has simplified my makeup routine and boosted my confidence.

  20. Fanny M. KnightVerified Review

    Careprost Eye Drops have given me the look of lash extensions without the hassle. They have made my lashes longer, and I don’t have to worry about maintenance.

  21. Sofia BirdwoodVerified Review

    I have sensitive eyes, so finding a serum that didn’t irritate was crucial. Careprost is gentle, and I’ve experienced no redness or discomfort. My lashes are flourishing, and I couldn’t be happier!

  22. Aiyanna HutchesonVerified Review

    I had high hopes for Careprost Eye Drops, but unfortunately, they didn’t deliver the dramatic results I was looking for. It might work better for others.

  23. Aron SingletonVerified Review

    Thanks to Careprost Eye Drops, my lashes are always on point. They are longer and fuller, and make my eyes look more captivating. I’m beyond happy!

  24. Michael E. RoachVerified Review

    Using Careprost 3ml Eye Drops has made me more confident with my longer lashes! The transformation is incredible, and I love the natural look. Applying it is simple, and the results speak for themselves. If you’re looking to enhance your lashes, this product is a winner.

  25. Luke MVerified Review

    Great value for money. The product is durable and does exactly what it’s supposed to. Minor improvement suggestions, but overall very satisfied

  26. GraceVerified Review

    I’m really happy with the affordable prices and the quality of the product I got. The customer service is great too. I love it!

  27. Jesse KubaryVerified Review

    Careprost Eye Drops provide a gentle and subtle enhancement to lashes. The application is easy and I did not experience any irritation. While the results and not as dramatic as sone other products. It’s a good option for those who prefer a more natural look with gradual improvement.

  28. Keira McLucasVerified Review

    Thanks to Careprost Eye Drops, my lash game is stronger than ever! The length and thickness are remarkable. The application is quick, and the results are exactly what I was hoping for. It’s become a staple in my beauty routine, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to enhance their lashes.

  29. Lilly MolvigVerified Review

    Careprost Eye Drops delivered decent results for my lashes. There was some lengthening, but it required consistent use over time. The application process is easy, and I did not experience any discomfort. While the results were not dramatic, they were noticeable with ongoing use.

  30. Kory MaresVerified Review

    Thanks to Careprost Eye Drops, my lash game is stronger than ever! The length and thickness are remarkable. The application is quick, and the results are exactly what I was hoping for. It’s become a staple in my beauty routine, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to enhance their lashes.

  31. Holly UlrichVerified Review

    Careprost is a budget friendly gem! I’ve tried other serums, but this one is both effective and easy on the wallet. My lashes are flourishing, and I’m a customer for life.

  32. TracyVerified Review

    I can’t believe the difference in my lashes! Careprost has made them longer, thicker, and more beautiful than ever. Easy to apply and worth every penny.

  33. Kerry CorriganVerified Review

    Careprost 3ml Eye Drops provided a subtle but noticeable enhancement to my lashes. While the change wasn’t dramatic, my lashes appear darker and slightly longer. The application is straightforward, and I appreciate the natural look it achieves. It’s a good option for those seeking subtle improvements.

  34. Anjali EspinozaVerified Review

    Careprost Eye Drops have left me delighted with the outcome. My lashes are visibly longer, and the application process is hassle free. It does take some time for the results to show, but the patience pays off. I feel more confident with my enhanced lashes, and I highly recommend this product.

  35. Julissa TillmanVerified Review

    Careprost 3ml Eye Drops provided average results for my lashes. While there was some lengthening, it wasn’t as significant as I had hoped. The application is easy, and it didn’t irritate my eyes. If you’re looking for subtle enhancement, this might work for you.

  36. Samuel GroseVerified Review

    Careprost 3ml Eye Drops is a very amazing product, I have been using this product for years. I love it. Sometimes I have to stop using it because my eyelashes get too long. This is a fantastic company with great communication and fast shipping. I highly recommend this product and this company. Thanks a lot, Skinorac.

  37. Charisma AlfonsoVerified Review

    I’ve been using Careprost 3ml Eye Drops, and the growth in my lashes is impressive! They look longer, fuller, and the effect is natural. The application is easy, and I appreciate the long lasting results. If you’re looking for beautiful lashes, this is the product to try.

  38. Mark ShaverVerified Review

    My experience with Careprost has been mixed. While I did notice some improvement in lash length, the results weren’t consistent. It’s easy to apply, but the effectiveness varied. Perhaps it works differently for everyone. I’ll continue using it and see if the results become more noticeable over time.

  39. Elvin StilesVerified Review

    Careprost has delivered noticeable results for my lashes, but it took a few weeks to see the full effect. Patience is key! The application is straightforward, and I appreciate the natural looking enhancement it provides. Just stick with it, and you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

  40. Erykah BolenVerified Review

    Careprost 3ml Eye Drops have worked wonders for my lashes! I’ve noticed significant lengthening and thickening. It’s a game changer for anyone wanting fuller and longer lashes. Easy to apply, and the results are worth every penny.

  41. Brielle McCallVerified Review

    This ret gel did show results after a few weeks, but the initial peeling and redness were hard to handle. It’s effective, but be cautious if you have sensitive skin. Also, the packaging could be more user friendly.

  42. Constance HoughVerified Review

    Careprost Eye Drops have given my lashes a positive boost. They appear thicker and healthier. The application process is straightforward, and I experienced no irritation. While the results weren’t dramatic, I’m happy with the enhancement, and I’ll continue using it.

  43. Elvin FlahertyVerified Review

    Careprost Eye Drops have completely transformed my lashes. They are longer, thicker, and darker than ever before. I love how it enhances my natural beauty. I highly recommend it!! Thanks.

  44. Loretta McMullenVerified Review

    I recently decided to try Careprost eyelash serum after hearing rave reviews about its ability to enhance lash length and thickness. As someone who has always struggled with short and sparse lashes, I was eager to see if Careprost could live up to the hype. After using it consistently for several weeks, I am thrilled to share my positive experience.

  45. Rhianna ClarksonVerified Review

    Careprost 3ml Eye Drops are a lifesaver for my lashes. They’ve become longer, darker, and more defined. The transformation is astonishing! The application is a breeze, and I’m thrilled with the compliments I’ve been receiving. A must have for lash enhancement.

  46. Alia BurdenVerified Review

    Careprost Eye Drops provided a moderate improvement in lash length for me. While I did see some positive changes, they weren’t as dramatic as I had hoped. The application process is simple, and the product is gentle on the eyes, but the results might vary from person to person.

  47. Cecil AlemanVerified Review

    Careprost Eye Drops brought about a positive change in my lash appearance. They look fuller and more defined. The application is straightforward, and I’m pleased with the overall enhancement. While the results took a bit of time to show, the improvement is worth the wait.

  48. Kristopher HusseyVerified Review

    Careprost Eye Drops delivered promising results for my lashes, but it required patience. The lengthening and darkening were gradual but noticeable. The application is easy, and I’m satisfied with the overall improvement. Stick with it, and you’ll likely see the results you desire.

  49. chrisVerified Review

    I’ve always been envious of those with long, fluttery lashes, and after trying numerous mascaras and false lashes, I stumbled upon Careprost eyelash serum. This product has been a complete game changer for me, and I can’t help but share my positive experience.

  50. Beverly FaustVerified Review

    I’ve been using Careprost eye drops for a few weeks now, and the results are incredible. My lashes have become noticeably longer and fuller. The application is easy, and I haven’t experienced any side effects. Highly recommended!

  51. Lizet McGrathVerified Review

    I have been using Careprost eye drops for the past few months, and I am thrilled with the results. As someone who has always desired longer and fuller lashes, this product has exceeded my expectations.

  52. AmeliaVerified Review

    I am absolutely thrilled with the results I have experienced with Careprost! This product is truly a game changer for anyone looking to enhance their eyelashes. I have always dreamt of having longer and fuller lashes, and Careprost has made that dream a reality.

  53. CharlesVerified Review

    I started using Careprost about six weeks ago, and the transformation in my lashes is nothing short of remarkable. Not only have they grown noticeably longer, but they also appear thicker and healthier. I’m now getting compliments on my lashes everywhere I go, and people often ask if I’m wearing falsies – that’s how dramatic the improvement is!

  54. Arron HardestyVerified Review

    Great products, great service, great people! Every time we order, it gets better. Thanks, Skinorac.

  55. RichardVerified Review

    I recently purchased Careprost and I am beyond thrilled with the results! I had been searching for a product to enhance the length and thickness of my eyelashes, and Careprost delivered exactly what it promised.

  56. DomVerified Review

    It really solves the purpose for which it is made.

  57. Wilson RoyVerified Review

    I have been using Careprost eye drops for some time and it have worked very well for me. This Product have fulfilled my expectations and I will make sure to reccomend it to my close ones.

  58. Brock CouchVerified Review

    My purchases are consistently in stock and delivered earlier than expected, and I always receive excellent customer service! Genuine goods at an incredible cost! Thanks for the recommendation this product is fantastic.

  59. LawrenceVerified Review

    I’ve ordered from Skinorac several times and have never had a problem. Even with the added worry of ordering from the United States. I would really suggest them. Thanks a lot.

  60. Verna SoucieVerified Review

    Great service order arrived and happy with the product. Will order again

  61. Lucas LazenbyVerified Review

    I’ve been using SKINORAC for more than three years. They provide the greatest service available. There were no delivery or product issues. Continue your excellent work!

  62. Margaret C. GistVerified Review

    I always wanted thick and attractive eyelashes but could not find the right product. After using this product i got amazing result

  63. Joseph PentonVerified Review

    Very reasonable prices and the Customer care team is extremely responsive. Solved my issues real quick. Thank you so much, Skinorac

  64. Jesus S. CooperVerified Review

    I am very obsessed with my look and especially my eyelashes. While surfing the internet I got to know about this product and this worked product worked amazingly well.

  65. Alice JardineVerified Review

    Very Decent & Useful products, Thanks for sharing.

  66. Keira CleggVerified Review

    Fat shipping and legit product. I’ve been using Careprost for four weeks today, and pot on mascara and I HAVE LASHES!! The menu made my leashes almost invisible so it’s a huge improvement. I can’t wait for 16 weeks!!
    Will absolutely be reordering!!!

  67. Myron N. TaylorVerified Review

    This product works well for the eyelashes and the delivery was also on time. An amazing product to use.

  68. Susan DoryVerified Review

    I have been using this product for years. I absolutely love it. Sometimes I have to stop using it because my eyelashes get too long. This is a fantastic company with great communication and fast shipping. I highly recommend this product and this company.

  69. CharlesVerified Review

    I recently placed my first order with Skinorac, and I must say that my experience was nothing short of exceptional. From start to finish, every aspect of the purchase process was smooth, efficient, and highly satisfying.

  70. Jannette BrownVerified Review

    First of all, the product is top class. No side effects and works like a charm. Secondly am so glad I found this website. Truly a life saver or should I say Eye saver. I am hooked.

  71. Ponida KemVerified Review

    Careprost is really good and working as per the told by the Skinorac support team

  72. Vito BrooksVerified Review

    I did review first time, even, I am using Skinorac from last 5 years because of products quality and usage guidance. Recently, I ordered careprost. Thanks Team

  73. ChristineVerified Review

    I’ve been ordering generic Lumigan for eyelash growth from these guys for a while now, and I can honestly say that I’ve never been disappointed. Always on time, plus their customer service team is highly active and responds immediately, which makes me want to use this website again.

    • SkinoracVerified Review

      Thanks Christine, for taking the time out to share your valuable feedback with us. We look forward to serving you again with a 10% discount!

  74. PamelaVerified Review

    The website is easy to use and I can easily find what I am looking for.

    • SkinoracVerified Review

      Thanks Pamela, for taking the time out to share your valuable feedback. We look forward to serving you again with a 10% discount!

  75. DanielVerified Review

    Works Really Well.

    • SkinoracVerified Review

      Thanks Daniel, for taking the time out to share your valuable feedback about Careprost. We look forward to serving you again with a 10% discount!

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