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Aerocort Inhaler 200Mdi

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Aerocort Inhaler 50mcg 50mcg (200 mdi) is an anti-inflammatory that helps to relax the airway muscles. It aids in the prevention of asthma attacks in asthmatic persons. Aerocort Inhaler reduces inflammation and causes muscular relaxation in the airways, allowing patients suffering from airway obstruction to breathe more easily.

Active Ingredients: Levosalbutamol & Beclomethasone

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The Aerocort Inhaler, celebrated for its remarkable efficacy, takes a leading role in managing respiratory ailments, particularly asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Its unique edge stems from the synergistic blend of two primary elements: salbutamol and beclomethasone dipropionate. Each contributes in its way to the Aerocort Inhaler’s therapeutic effectiveness, enhancing its ability to provide relief and control over these challenging conditions.


At the heart of this inhaler’s virtuosity lies an intricate fusion of two elemental forces:

  1. Salbutamol: This luminary of the beta-2 agonist realm dances gracefully as a bronchodilator. Its choreography? Relaxing airway muscles with finesse ensures the breath flows seamlessly. In moments of acute respiratory distress, it springs into action, quelling the tumultuous symptoms of wheezing, breathlessness, and chest tightness. Salbutamol is the frontline warrior against the capricious onslaughts of asthma, an indispensable ally in the battle against respiratory afflictions, including the Aerocort Inhaler.
  2. Beclometasone Dipropionate: On the flip side of the therapeutic spectrum, we encounter beclometasone dipropionate, a dignified corticosteroid. In its elegant role, it conducts a symphony of inflammation modulation within the labyrinthine passages of the airways. With an unwavering hand, it halts the exodus of inflammatory protagonists from their secret sanctuaries, ensnaring them in a cascade of restraint. Beclometasone dipropionate stands tall as the linchpin of long-term stability for the intricate symphony of lung function, safeguarding against the fiery tides that underlie chronic respiratory conditions like asthma and COPD.

Common Uses

The Aerocort Inhaler, a versatile virtuoso, finds its niche in an array of respiratory conditions. Its principal roles unfold as follows:

  1. Asthma Maestro: Taking on the role of guardian in the asthmatic realms, the Aerocort Inhaler becomes a steadfast maintenance therapy. The dynamic duo of salbutamol and beclometasone dipropionate forms an unbeatable alliance, wresting control from the capricious winds of asthma. They quell the tempestuous symptoms, reducing both their frequency and ferocity. With a deft touch, they restore harmony to the pulmonary landscape, allowing the afflicted to reclaim mastery over their breath and the resplendent rhythm of lung function.
  2. COPD Citadel: In the labyrinthine fortress of COPD, encompassing the domains of chronic bronchitis and emphysema, the Aerocort Inhaler unfurls its standard of relief. By taming the flames of inflammation and artfully soothing symptoms such as the relentless cough, the melancholic wheeze, and the oppressive breathlessness, it pens a narrative of improved quality of life.


Navigating the labyrinth of dosage intricacies, the correct prescription of the Aerocort Inhaler hinges on a symphony of factors: age, condition severity, and the intricate tapestry of individual patient characteristics. Adherence to the prescribed dose, guided by the sagacious counsel of your healthcare provider, serves as the lodestar in the voyage toward therapeutic efficacy.

In the tapestry of guidance, adults and resolute denizens aged 12 and beyond typically bear the responsibility of administering one or two inhalations of the Aerocort Inhaler, with the cadence of repetition harmonizing at two to four times daily. The prudent employment of a spacer device, if bestowed upon you by your presiding healer, merits fervent endorsement. This ancillary apparatus assumes the mantle of an elegant aide, imparting heightened efficiency to the inhaler’s therapeutic delivery.

Detailed Side Effects Discussion

Within the embrace of Aerocort Inhaler’s therapeutic ambit, the enigmatic terrain of potential side effects beckons. These side effects, akin to the diverse hues of a kaleidoscope, can be categorized into myriad facets:

Common Side Effects

  1. Throat Irritation: As the inhaler ushers its remedial contents into the pulmonary arena, a handful of individuals may find themselves beset by the gentlest caress of throat irritation.
  2. Coughing: An occasional murmur of coughing may ensue, a mere exhalation in response to the inhaler’s intricate ministrations.
  3. Dry Mouth or Throat: A fleeting sense of parchedness, akin to the arid whisper of a desert breeze, may occasionally grace the oral cavity or throat.
  4. Headache: The rare echoes of a headache have been documented among a minority of users, an ephemeral shadow in the mosaic of potential side effects.

Less Common Side Effects

  1. Nausea: In the choreography of side effects, a delicate pirouette of nausea may occasionally grace the stage, a fleeting sensation experienced by a select few.
  2. Dizziness: Some may encounter the ephemeral embrace of dizziness, a graceful waltz that manifests sporadically after the inhaler’s ballet.
  3. Palpitations: The pages of side effect lore also record the sporadic emergence of palpitations, characterized by the rapid or irregular heartbeat, a ballet less frequently performed but not unknown.
  4. Tremors: In the rarest of instances, the inhaler’s symphony may orchestrate a tremor, a gentle quiver in the hands or body, or an ephemeral note in the grand composition.

Rare Side Effects

  1. Allergic Reactions: In the annals of rarity, the specter of allergic reactions to the Aerocort Inhaler casts a shadow. Though exceedingly rare, they manifest as skin rashes, an itching symphony, or the swelling of the visage, lips, or tongue. Should you find yourself ensnared by these spectral manifestations, the clarion call is to seek immediate medical sanctuary.
  2. Increased Heart Rate: The chronicles of the exceptional recount instances where users perceive an elevation in heart rate, a transient surge.
  3. High Blood Pressure: In the realm of utmost rarity, the inhaler, in its exceptional narrative, might orchestrate a transient spike in blood pressure, a phenomenon ephemeral but not entirely unknown.

It is imperative to bear in mind that the labyrinth of side effects is one of shifting sands. Not all travelers on this therapeutic journey shall tread upon its esoteric byways, and even among those who do, the vast majority shall encounter only the gentlest whispers of these transient phantoms. However, should you find yourself ensnared by severe or unyielding side effects, your mandate is clear: to summon the counsel of your healthcare provider with all due haste. In the rarest of circumstances, prolonged or excessive dalliance with the Aerocort Inhaler may bear witness to more profound side effects, such as the somber shadow of adrenal gland suppression or the spectral depletion of bone density.


The Aerocort Inhaler, an invaluable emissary of healing, resides as a trusted confidant in the management of respiratory conditions, with asthma and COPD serving as its principal dominions. With its masterful blend of salbutamol and beclometasone dipropionate, it manifests as a potent elixir, offering both immediate succor from affliction and enduring guardianship over the cherished citadel of lung function. Under the benevolent gaze of healthcare providers, it extends an invitation to individuals to partake in the ethereal rhythm of unhindered breathing, a harmonious symphony amidst the chorus of respiratory conditions. An adherence to the precise cartography of dosage and vigilant watchfulness over the nuanced dimensions of side effects shall illuminate the path to therapeutic success. When doubts or concerns obscure the horizon, the wise course is to embark upon a dialogue with your healthcare guardian. Within this discourse lies the key to a life of resplendent breath, an anthem composed by the Aerocort Inhaler, conducted by healthcare wisdom, and sung by the resilient spirit of those it serves.


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5 reviews for Aerocort Inhaler 200Mdi

  1. David StrubleVerified Review

    Because my typical vendor did not have Aerocort Inhaler, I tried this firm, and they are excellent. Skinorac has always been my go to website for pharmaceutical restocks because of its quick shipment.

  2. Richard OvermanVerified Review

    Your support is outstanding! Despite the fact that it takes a while to obtain the product because it is shipped from India, we have never experienced any issues with ordering or deliveries. Thanks

  3. Morgan DyerVerified Review

    This product has been really helpful to my child, the prices are very reasonable and thanks to the team for being so co-operative.

  4. Amy BradleyVerified Review

    Skinorac is the cheapest pharmacy for high-quality prescriptions.

    • SkinoracVerified Review

      Thank you Amy for the giving positive feedback. We will keep improving and focus on the quality and safety

  5. Shannon NorrisVerified Review

    Aerocort Inhaler was not available from my regular vendor, I tried this company and they’re perfect. Now, Skinorac has always my go to website for medicine restocks, as it has fast shipping

    • SkinoracVerified Review

      Thank you Shannon for the giving positive review. Skinorac will keep focusing to improve on the quality of products as well as service

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