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Precautions for Asthma

Precautions For Asthma

Due to High pollution levels in the world it has triggered many respiratory diseases. In today’s world, most people are suffering from chronic conditions such as asthma. Alongside pollution , poor lifestyle habits, stress and change in the climatic conditions are contributing factors to the rise of these diseases.

Asthma causes swelling of the airway. This leads the bronchi that carry air from the nostrils to the lungs to narrow. Asthma symptoms are triggered when allergens or irritating substances enter the lungs. Breathing difficulties, wheezing, coughing, and chest tightness are all symptoms. Asthma can be fatal, but its symptoms are absolutely manageable.

Asthma is incurable but it can be prevented through some precaution such as:

Never Forget Inhaler

Don’t forget to bring your inhaler, carrying an inhaler with you is very important if you have asthma. Keep your inhaler every time wherever you go, because inhalers help to open the airway, allowing more air to enter and exit the lungs and allowing you to breathe more freely.

Take Medicine Daily

Never skip prescribed dosage, take your meds and make sure you take them at the proper times. Asthma drugs used on a long-term basis can help avoid symptoms and attacks. To keep your symptoms under control, take your asthma medications and use your inhaler on a daily basis. Don’t forget to take your prescription, even if you’re feeling well.

Avoid Smoking

People with asthma should avoid all types of smoking. All sources of smoke, including incense, cigarettes, fireworks, fires, and candles, should be avoided. Asthma is aggravated by smoking. So, if you’re a smoker, try to quit as soon as possible.

Know What Triggers You

If you know what triggers your asthma , you can avoid that from putting yourself in such a situation. For example, some people who suffer from asthma may be triggered by pollen. Avoid those activities which trigger your asthma, keep track of where you are when your symptoms start to become worse. Allergies, cool air, the flu virus, pet hair, air pollution, smoking, dust mites, and perfumes are all major asthma triggers. Exercise in cold or dry air if you have exercise-induced asthma. Alternatively, if you’re planning a strenuous activity, make sure you take precautions like using an inhaler to avoid an asthma attack.

Be Alert

Keep an action plan. Understand Your Peak Flow Zones. Peak flow meters are used to assess your breathing and provide readings that allow you to understand how you are breathing. It can detect abnormalities early on and help to avert respiratory issues.

Avoid Cold

You can prevent asthma attacks by avoiding cold places as cold can trigger your asthma. In colder months try to keep yourself warm and avoid being in the cold for too long. Always wear warm clothes before heading out.

Keep Pets Away

Try to keep pets away from you or do not let them into your bed as pet’s fur may trigger your asthma. Not only fur but Dander (particles of skin) and Saliva too.


These are some precautions that may help you prevent getting asthma attacks.

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